Do not think he is wrong about losing Argentina's World Cup Higuain

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imageHow will Argentina in the World Cup? The answer to this question depends on the respondent. Brazil's supporters' answer does not match the answer to the neutral supporters. No one will respond to Argentine supporters. But on one topic, everyone will agree, Argentina's fortune will depend on Gonzalo Higuain!

Surprising wonders, everyone is talking about Lionel Messi, Argentina's fortune depends on Higuain! It has a but one. Everyone is responsible for Messi, and the issue of Higuain comes from frustration. Extending the extra time to Germany in the 2014 World Cup finals But the match could have ended in 90 minutes if Higuain did the job properly. The striker, who missed a few simple opportunities on that day,
He did not hear anything less about this. Argentina's responsibility to win the World Cup has also been lifted on his neck. But Higuain did not agree with them, "Do people talk about the goals I've lost in Maracan? I got a better goal, my daughter and wife. In an interview with TN, Higuain further stated that football is not everything in life, the most important thing in life is that after leaving football, it is possible to be a good person. There are some people who stay good to him. The people who celebrate your goals are not important in that. '
Juventus striker has given another thrilling information in the interview. In 2016, he thought of retirement. No, there is no relation to this thought as losing to the Copa doo like Messi. The mother thought to leave football because she was ill, this forward, 'It was a very bad time. I wanted to stop the game, but my mother did. If I make a decision, I would have left the game. Everything else (without the mother) became unimportant then. I love mother, mother gave me the strength to continue playing. He said, do not let me leave anything that I love for him.

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