TELSTAR This is the official match ball name of the World Cup.

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Telstar (Telstar) is the name of the official match ball of the World Cup.

Modern science has a proud history behind this nomenclature. Telstar 1 was the world's first communication satellite, which was launched by NASA in 1962. The satellite, which was able to use only 14 watts of height of three feet high to look like football, was created from the famous Bell Labs. The first TV on the planet was broadcast live video on the satellite.

Despite the success of Pathbreaking, the activities of Telstar 1 were passing. America and Soviet's nuclear warping testing caused the transistor of Telstar 1 to burn completely and later engineers were forced to stop its activities in 1963.

The success of Telstar was so much that it created a stir among ordinary people. In the 1970s, a band made an instrumental song by imitating the voice of Telstar's Radio Transmission Signal and it came in Weekly Top Charts as the first Instrumental song.

The football that Iconic white-black hexagonal plutter can be seen, also made Adidas in the 1970s, in line with Telstar Satellite and the official match ball of the World Cup was named after the satellite.

This year, the "Telstar 18" ball of the 2018 World Cup brought with Adidas the new technology, reminding Telstar of their first official World Cup match. For the first time, the NFC (Near Field Communication) chips will be installed as the official match for a World Cup and customers can unlock various features and challenges interacting with the NFC chip in the ball through the radio frequency signal through the smartphone.

SpaceX will launch two satellite communications satellite Telstar 18V and 19V this year. Originally, for the sake of Telstar 1, there are currently over 1900 communications satellites, and through these they will see the game "Directly broadcast satellites from the broadcasters" World Cup game.

Energy in science, freedom in science

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