Is Kiteboarding Safe?

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The sport of kiteboarding is taking leaps and bounds in the realm of safety. The equipment has evolved from some primitive type contraptions that always pulled and never wanted to relaunch, into something that is completely safe and dependable.

both pics circa 1993

The recent advancements in bar technology alone have been extremely important to the safety of the individual, as well as the sport in general. Older safety systems were typically above the control bar. This would make your safety leash hard to use, or if hooked below the bar it was ineffective. Even older than those systems were wrist leashes, which could account for a lot of injuries. Now the leash hooks into the harness worn around your waist.

Most kiteboarding manufacturers have followed the trend of making kiteboarding gear as safe as possible. Flag lines now run through the bar where you can connect your safety leash without having it wrap around the bar every time you crash. This is extremely helpful when you are learning and progressing in the sport of kiteboarding.

note the differences from kiteboards and bars of the past to modern equipment

Self rescue techniques have been examined and changed along with the evolution of the sport. There are many different ways taught on how to properly release the power of your kite, but the end result must be the same. The goal of a kiteboarding self rescue is to reach the kite while keeping yourself out of the lines. If this is not the type of self rescue technique that you have been taught, please be sure to look into IKO standards on self rescue.

We at Blown Kiteboarding use the newest gear with the most advanced self rescue systems available on the market. We stay up to date on teaching theory and continue to advance our teaching program based on the new technology each year.

Safety is the most important aspect of this sport, with that in mind you will be able to enjoy the sport of kiteboarding for years to come.
There are many kiteboarding schools out there to choose from. We’re not trying to talk you out of another kiteboarding school, we are selling you on why you should come to ours!

Blown Kiteboarding – The Experience of a lifetime, for a lifetime!

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I've never tried kiteboarding, but have witnessed a few face plants in the sand... And do NOT attach the kite leach on the back of the harness...very dangerous as it can prevent you from releasing it. Attach in front or on the side of the harness.


it sounds like the people you witnessed didn't take a lesson with us. ;)
As far as leash placement, it is a matter of personal preference where to attach on the harness, but some would argue it's safer to have it in front of you for easy access in case you need to release the kite.

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In guessing ia not safe for me since I don't know how ro swim and I have entered in panic before. Thanks for sharing this awesome activity maybe I'll try it when I learn to swim

That looks exciting, I would love to give that a go. I wonder if it's best to do it on a lake or the ocean?


I do not recommend learning in the ocean waves. see my previous post about how to chose a kiteboarding school.

Wooo would be exciting to practice kiteboarding