Beach Walk Discovery Episode 3: Small Fishing Boat In Action

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How are you doing my friends,

I had an interesting weekend when I hit the road and found myself at the beach near the play I stay at the moment in Cotonou City.

It was a path that I explored last Sunday when I went to walk at the Beach. My plan was to explore an other path on the left side of the beach. I took the time to look around and find many attractions that I will share in the coming episode.

This boat was located on the similar path I followed last episode. My path was direct and I discovered quite a lot on my way to the farthest point on the beach.


Fishermen were active in a group to capture sea fruits fish, oister, crabs and eels. Their teamwork was impressive. Two boats were offshore and the men were setting the fish net following the instruction of the men on the sea.

I came after the first team finished to collect the product of their tremendous effort. The second team was just starting so I kept walking as my adventure has just begun that day.


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Warm regards

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