Building on Bookie Odds - Part 9

in sports •  10 months ago

Finally, we've come to the last of the 30 matches. I thought i'd be able to wrap this in 4-5 posts but i missed a weekend and there just isn't much action on weekdays. I'm glad to be wrapping this up as i've been itching to make improvements. Or at least i think they're improvements.

Houston Dash vs Seattle ReignSeattle Reign2.14L
AC Ajaccio vs ToulouseToulouse2.2W

There's another match in Estonia that fits the criteria but these two look better to wrap up the 30 with.


So a +0.2 unit gain today. Overall, it's been a frustrating two days with 1.8 units lost. Both Slutsk and Seattle weren't able to hold on to early leads. You see this nice streak and still the team manages to lose somehow lol:

A quick summary:

8.41 units profit from 30 matches.
17/30 matches predicted correctly.

I'll have a proper post to wrap this up later and how it can possibly be further improved.

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Well done, as always! ;)


Thank you @tangmo. Hope to do better next time :)


You're welcome! You will do better and better job, for sure! ;)

Done and... done 😃