RE: Sports betting record: 15 wins 7 losses (profit: +13.29 units)

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Sports betting record: 15 wins 7 losses (profit: +13.29 units)

in sports •  last year

It takes a lot of time and patience, I understand what you are talking about but dont get discouraged. You have to post with the mentality that you wont make a penny. And if you do then so be it, you win. Thats how I have looked at it since the begining but It can get frusterating. Prior to HF19 I had posts worth more than $100. Now I am lucky if I get close to $2. I have invested a lot of time and effort into this as well. But remember this is free money, If I was you I would change perspectives about the idea. If you can do this then you can have a plesent experience. Another idea is to checkout Minnow Support Project. If you have any questions please reply to this. Good Lcuk. Dont give up just yet!

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Baby money. Steemit is trash.


You sound like a two year old.