🏛MyMoneyMachine🏛 Sports Investment Picks 7/17/17

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Current Record: 0-0
Profit/Loss: 0

Today's 🏛MyMoneyMachine🏛 Selections 7/17/17
8 MLB Straight Wagers risking 0.25 Bitcoin each (based on 5 Bitcoin bankroll.
Please see BETSLIP linked below 💵💰🏛

Pirates -120
Blue Jays -111
Marlins -155
Braves +136
Cubs/Braves Over 9 -119
Twins -109
Mariners +203
Giants +112

🏛@MyMoneyMachine🏛 BETSLIP attached⤵️ for record keeping and clarity on today's selection.


💰💵 What would you do if you could accurately predict the outcome of sporting events? 💵💰

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Good luck. Hope you win em all!!
Steem on!!!!


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