Epic Battle : Conference Finals - Game 7

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An NBA Conference Finals is as intense as the NBA Finals, 4 teams on both Game 7 deciding game for East and West. A battle that last happened on 1979 or almost 40 years in the making.

Today Cleveland outlasted the young core of Celtics team lead by the King no other than Lebron James. With his dominant performance once again showed why he is the King. One of the Greatest Of All Time.

Tomorrow will decide their opponent between the defending Champion Golden State Warriors and the resurrecting Houston Rockets. This is another epic battle that everybody is waiting for. The warriors with their shooting prowess lead by Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Thompson versus the duo of James Harden and CP3.

A win by Warriors will lead to an unprecedented 4 times battle with the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the former having an advantage of 2 to 1.

I can't wait to see the result of the game tomorrow and my heart is beating fast with the mindset that It will be another epic game.

I actually bet with the amount of php5k for an NBA Finals in case Cavs and Warrios face off again. For now I will focus on the Game 7 between Warriors and Houston and will say my word right after the game.

Intense.. Intense.. But thats what the game is all about.



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