Ronaldo is leaving Madrid without paying all the debts

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Ronaldo is leaving Madrid without paying all the debts


Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus this season from Real Madrid. Before joining Juventus, he is going to explain to the Spanish tax authorities their due and then he is going

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has been in jail for a long time in the tax evasion case. The Spanish Attorney General's office in Madrid has announced several days ago that the Portuguese star did not pay around 18.8 million euros, and took shelter from fraud.

When he was in the situation, he left Real Madrid and joined the Italian club Juventus this season. Naturally the question is, what will happen to her tax case?
Those who think that Ronaldo is fleeing Spain from fear of tax evasion, they will be very surprised. This star is leaving Spain with all the debts.

There was a complaint against Ronaldo, that he used to immobilize taxes by British Virgin Islands and Ireland's two companies. Similarly, Lionel Messi and Javier Mačerano were caught in the tax evasion case.
Ronaldo survived the shame of being sentenced to felony due to the absence of any other crime in the name of Ronaldo before this fraud. But the Spanish courts did not waive the fine so.
And this penalty will be repaid before going to Juventus Ronaldo. His legal representative José Antonio Chuckallen will sign the tax documents required for Ronaldo.

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