# Argentina can win the 5th World Cup

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Argentina can win the 5th World Cup


1978 and 1986 - This two-time world champion Argentina 2014 World Cup Runners Up also they But for 32 years, there was no success in the world level, Albiselestad. Their national team won no title since 1993. 2014-2015, 2016 - In the three years, the final three final tournament tournament has been played with Argentine players. Now what they can do to break this circle of failure. Many people say no hope. Captain Messi does not agree to claim the team as a title.
Argentina is not really a favorite, according to football figures. The team could not help themselves. But it is not enough to just follow the soccer equation. That's the beauty of the game. Many accounts here prove to be wrong. Argentina can also prove to be wrong for many intellectuals.

Argentina can win the World Cup for five reasons

1. Lionel Messi

The team that has Lionel Messi, who is ahead of the team before leaving the field. Form, it's going to be the age of the last and best chance for Lionel Messi to win something for the national team. If he is in his best rhythm, then Argentina is going to be waiting for 32 years.

2. Forward line

Read the names once: Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero, Paulo DiBala, Lionel Messi. In front of the eyes, only the goals and goals of the goal float. The problem is that the national team can not translate the performance of the club properly. But if you want to win this World Cup then Argentina Forward will have to show their best form. Sometimes it can not be said or never, it is not. On any day, if you get scared, then this attack can be trickled by the strong protection of China's great wage.


3. The absence of favorable charity

Whenever Argentina took the title of the World Cup, it could not go much further. Now they have got a chance in the coffin of the World Cup. As a result, Argentina is on the back of the favorites list; Which is an additional benefit for them. Messi himself is also reducing the pressure of expectations. Now Argentina will be happy to go to the semifinals, realistic supporters. This pressure will help to get the best out of Messi.

4. Pap Guardiola Effect

Papa Guardiola has coached the country in the World Cup, the country has been champion. Spain in 2010, 2014 Germany. According to him, now England will be world champion. But the internal matter is that the players in the Guardiola's team were better, the country did well in the World Cup. He has coached Guardiola as Lionel Messi, Javier Mačerano, Nicholas Ottamendi, Sergio Aguero. Guardiola's current-old disciples are meeting Argentine factions

5. Jorge Sampauli

Argentina's coach Jorge Sampauli won the first major trophy in Chile's history with Chile. Argentina also lost it! The Spanish club Sevia also had excellent performances. Europa League has won The biggest power of Sompoli's own philosophy The philosophy that played very well in Argentina's game. Sampauli's philosophy worked in the World Cup.
With a team that wins the title, it's like the most well-known coach like Sampauli.

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