Plyometric Training - What is Plyometrics & Plyometric Exercises

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Plyometric Workout

Hello everybody
Today I want to show you another type of training - Plyometric workout!

Many athletes use in their training exercises of jumps and throws in order to improve their skills and thereby achieve better results. This type of training is called plyometric training.
This term been invented by Europeans and recognized as a Russian training method that uses overload ie. Fast concentric-eccentric contraction.
Plyometric training is required for each sport which requires strength.
Plyometric exercises are similar to the movements used by athletes in sports where you need to show strength as sprinting, jumps and throwing in athletics then basketball, volleyball, football, handball, tennis and some other sports.

Plyometrics can be defined as a set of exercises that enable the muscle to produce maximum strength in the shortest possible time.

Plyometrics is therefore the way we can increase the speed of movement making explosive - reactive type of movement that is among other things essential for a good vertical reflection. The main purpose of plyometric training is to develop the larger reactive force.

Plyometrics can be used in addition to the development of explosive strength, also in rehabilitation after sports injuries.

But before the start of plyometric training required very good knowledge of its basics and strict conditions:

For example, an athlete must have a certain level of intensity - for plyometric training of the upper extremities athlete must be able to perform bench press with weight equal to its mass, or more specifically for athletes weighing more than 100 kg must be able to raise its weight or 1.5 times more than their weight for athletes who aspire to less than 100 kg.

For plyometric training of the lower extremities athlete should be able to do squat with the weight of what amounted to his body weight x 1.5-2.5 times where 1.5 is taken as the norm.

Exercises for upper body:

1. Throwing Medicine ball above the head

2. Throwing Medicine ball sideways

3. Throwing Medicine ball behind head

4. Hammering medical ball on the floor

5. Explosive throwing medical ball from chest

6. Throwing Medicine ball in the air from a squat

Exercises for lower body:

1. Jumping

2. Jumping on the box

3. Jumps over box

4. Jumps into the depth

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