The Fantasy Football Chronicles: Week 1

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Fantasy Football Chronicles

Hello guys, this is my first time in 8 years I will starting blogging about my fantasy football league considering the season starts tomorrow (finally!). Weekly I'll be giving you some stats about my team, the league and all the guys that are participating on it just for have any idea of what kind of guys are in it! So, you can give me some advice, recommendations or just enjoy what is happening every week!

Let me first tell you this a league of 10 guys: lawyers, bankers, engineers, sales and business men, and a crossfit trainer. What I what to show guys is that no matter your job you can always have time for some fantasy football! 

Ok, so lets start with what happened at the draft. We just did the league draft yesterday! and this is what had the chance to get:

  1. QBs: D. Watson, M. Ryan
  2. RBs: L. Bell, M.Gordon, J.Williams, C. Carson, M.Mack
  3. WRs: C. Hogan, J. Crowder, A. Jeffery
  4. TE: T. Kelce, E. Ebron
  5. K: J. Elliot
  6. DEF: Lions, Jaguars
  7. Bonus: D. Bryant (FA)

At the moment I just see I got a strong team, but missing some power this the WRs. If you want to give some recommendations for week 1 please hurry and let me know! I want to beat this guys on every week! (Btw, I have never won this league, in the past 7 years I reached semifinals on the play-off but never won).

Preparing for Week 1!

My first match is against a construction worker, very smart guy, but he is not that much into the fantasy football, barely it is his second season in fantasy football. Let me share my lineup and them I will show the players this guy have.

Based on my draft I'm preparing the following lineup for week 1, considering the power at the RB positions:

  • QB: D. Watson
  • RBs: L. Bell, M.Gordon, J.Williams
  • WRs: C. Hogan, J. Crowder
  • TE: T. Kelce
  • K: J. Elliot
  • DEF: Lions

The construction guy is lining up the followings:

  • QB: D. Brees
  • RBs: J. Ajayi, A. Kamara, J.Mixon
  • WR: G. Tate, D. Baldwin
  • TE: Z. Ertz
  • K: J. Tucker
  • DEF: Ravens

The NFL fantasy site's  projections show a very close match between us, but as the first season game, everything is based on estimations, considerations or news (real or fake) that will be never be sure to use as a guidance to real get a team or player behavior. 

Please tell me what do you think about my team, players, week 1 lineup and any advice you can give me on the start of this new season! it is great to have the NFL back!

PD: Help me win this fantasy football season!


Trade deshaun Watson to the highest bidder. And only roster 1 QB...Matt Ryan may have the easiest first 8 weeks of any QB in the league.....also only roster a 2nd te on kelces bye week. This gives you the best odds of being able to roster better players at multiple start positions like RB and wr.....and get rid of the Lions defense. Unless you are in a 16 man league there is no need to roster 2 QBs, 2tes, or 2 defenses. You'd do better in picking up flier guys that could hit later on and if you do your leagueates will come running to trade with you

Thanks @fuzzmaster , I should trade DWatson (and maybe another RB) for a top5 WR and get rid of some guys in the bench. Lions DEF was only for week 1, do you think they could not even stop NYJ? Thanks!

I typically stream defense all year. Depending on when your draft is I wouldn't even get a d until just before week 1.....only thinking cut Lions d cause I figured you'd probably want to keep jags

Thanks Man! Will keep you noticed in my next posts but I will take your advice!

If you listen to any podcasts I suggest the late round podcast. Dude is spot on with a lot of strategy I've been using for years. And his in depth analysis is always great. Short listen too

Nice! Thanks man! I'll check it tonight! if it work you before I think it can work for me too!

I'd trade Watson and either Mack or Carson and see what happens