NHL Daily Faceoff Contest: Nov. 20 Matchups - Win SBD!

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Listen up hockey fans, this contest will be offered daily throughout the season giving you a chance to win SBD prizes every day!

How to Play:

  • You are only allowed one entry so make your picks count!
  • Pick the winner for each matchup (Please make your picks in the order listed below)
  • Players will be awarded 1 point for each correct pick
  • Make a pick for the Daily Tiebreaker
  • If tied after picks and tiebreaker, awards will be evenly divided
  • Winning player will receive 50% of the liquid earnings from this post
  • You must upvote this post for your entry to be considered
  • Matchups listed will always be for the following day so there's plenty of time to enter
  • Contest locks when first puck is dropped, no entries accepted after
  • Editing entries will result in disqualification
  • Entry Example:

    (may not reflect actual total number of games or actual teams playing)

    TB: 5

    Picks lock Nov. 20 at 10:30 pm EST

    Nov. 20 Matchups:



    EDM SJ

    Daily Tiebreaker:
    Pick the TOTAL COMBINED # OF SHOTS ON SAVES from [email protected]

    Don't forget to RESTEEM for bigger SBD pots and payouts!

    Make sure to play as often as you can!

    Best of luck to you all, I wanna see some blood on the ice!

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    until next time...