What is golf?

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Golf is a precision sport, our goal is to introduce a ball in the holes that are distributed in the field with the least number of strokes, use for each type of stroke one of a set of clubs slightly different from each other, since The head of the stick has different angles, just like the rods have different lengths. The lower the number of degrees of inclination, the greater the length of the rod and, therefore, the more distance. A maximum of fourteen clubs and at least five clubs may be carried out. The one who practices golf is called a golfer.


In 1744, the first player association was founded in Scotland, and in 1745, also in Great Britain, the first golf regulation was created. The first golf associations were the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (1744) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (1754).

It is believed that the modern golf game originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century. This sport was part of the Olympic program at the Olympic Games in Paris 1900 and then at the Olympic Games in St. Louis 1904, where only male competitions were held, and the United States and Canada were the only participants. In the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, after being one hundred and twelve years away, golf returned to the Olympic Games.


Golf is practiced in a field or field of natural grass outdoors. Unlike many sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface. A golf course covers a large area and is generally composed of 9 or 18 partial courses. Most of the courses are 18 holes (St Andrews' Old Course article tells how this figure was reached). At the end of each of these routes there is a hole in the surface, where the ball has to be introduced with the least possible number of strokes; by extension, each of the partial paths is also called a hole. The order of the holes in the court gives name to each one of them: hole 1, hole 2, etc. until hole 9 or hole 18 as the case may be. In some golf courses, the holes are also given other commemorative, commercial or taken names of some of their characteristics: difficulty, design, names of flowers or animals, etc.

To play a golf course, 18 holes must be completed in an established order.
1 = place of departure
2 = front water obstacle
3 = rough
4 = out of bounds
5 = sand bunker
6 = water hazard
7 = street
8 = green
9 = flag
10 = hole


As a reference, golf courses are divided into two main categories:
Professional field: according to the rules of the USGA (United States Golf Association) is the one where the sum of the total distances of the 18 holes - these from the start of the black marks of the starting tees - exceed 7000 yards (6400, 80 meters).

Tourist-excutive field: they are those that do not exceed 7000 yards (6400.80 meters).

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