Re Drafting the NBA 2018 Draft Class

in #sports2 years ago

1. ORIGINAL: DeAndre Ayton / MY PICK: Luka Doncic

Ayton: 16.3 / 10.6 / 2.0
Luka:  20.7 /  7.0  /  5.4 

Luka Doncic is the 19 year old Slovenian wunderkind who is definetly a unanimous pick for rookie of the year award.  Doncic looks in most of the times in full control on the court. He can take over the games and jab-step the hell out of the opponents. If he sees an opening, he will for sure take it and make it. He can easily create space for himself with various dribble moves. For me it was not a surprise that Luka was placing 3rd in the Western All-star selection. Sadlyhe got snubbed, sure he is a 1 year rookie and the Mavs itself is not a good team (YET), but i think he should have been selected into the All-star.

2. ORIGINAL: Marvin Bagley / MY PICK: Kevin Knox

Bagley: 12.9 / 6.8 / 0.9
Knox: 12.6 / 4.2 / 0.9  

Kevin Knox has been nice for the New York averaging over 12 points and 4 rebounds.  If we are looking the Bagley numbers they are very similar.   Knox has his own share of ups and downs, but still New York Knicks rookie is looking promising. Now when the Knicks traded away their other young star player Latvian Unicorn Kristaps, it will be the Knox who taking the front page of Knicks franchise. Lately the Knox has been very good on the court and he will be for sure a all star one day.  

3. ORIGINAL: Luka Doncic / MY PICK: DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton lost in the league in my opinion. Prospect who was so hyped for the draft class that no one else could beat him. Then came Luka and Ayton was just a player in the Phoenix Suns.  He is a good big man and his athleticism his very noticeable. Other than that he is playing average rookie season with no flashes of greatness YET. 

4. ORIGINAL: Jaren Jackson jr. / MY PICK: Trae Young

Jackson:  13.5 / 4.7 / 1.1
Young: 16.9 / 3.2 / 7.4 

For some time i considered Trae Young to be second or third pick for this re draft. That shows how good the 2018 draft class were and could become. Trae Young is definetly Hawks frontman and face of the franchise. His turnovers rate is quite high and trying to make difficult shots a lot of the possessions but other than that he is looking very good for the Hawks. 

5. ORIGINAL: Trae Young / MY PICK: Collin Sexton

Sexton: 14.3 / 3.0 / 2.8 

Lately Sexton has not been very consistent for the Cavaliers. But right now his rookie season numbers are looking quite good and definetly are top 5 worthy. Also now when Cavaliers has been trading away their players for the draft pick, Sextonś role for the team could rise even more. That means only good development process for the rookie.

6. ORIGINAL: Mohamed Bamba / MY PICK: Marvin Bagley

Bamba: 6.2 / 5.0 / 0.8
Bagley: 12.9 / 6.8 / 0.9

7. ORIGINAL: Wendell Carter jr. / MY PICK: Wendell Carter jr.

Carter jr. :10.3 / 7.0 / 1.8

8. ORIGINAL: Collin Sexton / MY PICK: Jaren Jackson jr.

Jackson:  13.5 / 4.7 / 1.1

9. ORIGINAL: Kevin Knox / MY PICK: Landry Shamet

Shamet: 8.4 / 1.5 / 1.1 

10. ORIGINAL: Mikal Bridges / MY PICK: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

Bridges: 8.1 / 3.0 / 1.6
Mykhailiuk: 3.2 / 0.8 / 0.8 

5. - 10. Picks

After 5. picks it is looking even harder to comprehend how good some players are. Originally drafted number 2 Marvin Bagley has been picked 6th in my re draft just because i have not seen Bagley as all-star promising. It could be because Sacramentos team is quite balanced. If Bagley works hard and can make couple of takeover games then i am truly a Bagley believer.
Also Carter jr.  and Jaren Jackson jr.  and Landry shamet have been very solid players for their teams  by putting up average rookie numbers. Lastly i picked Mykhailiuk just because of the glimpses that he has shown during the few games and minutes he has been playing. If Lakers could give him more minutes, i believe he will be solid player for the Lakers and coud develop into the promising player in this league.


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