Losing Focus can be easy sometimes...

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Last Night was our First game back from a 3 week break after going to the break 7-1 , we ended up losing by 2 point last night..ARRGGHHH
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We led for the entire game only to loose our focus in the final quarter to end up losing 45-43
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We lost focus due to some poor reffing but we cannot allow that to happen, if we had not worried about the refs we could have been able to pull this one out of the fire late in the game

Focus focus focus....pic ya battles..dont sweat the small stuff
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It is easier said than done but our team should know better - we can beat this team we just need to play our own game and Focus!!

Anyway work is still flat out yesterday we installed a 14 tonne one piece steel bin lifter structure which required a 60 tonne crane - lots of H & S stuff for your uncle johno to do :)

No incidents everything went to plan


Hope you all have a great day

this is me @kiwiscanfly
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Losing builds character.


Liking your new tats, mate.


yeah that was taken after i ate numerous packets of chocolate biscuits
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Ah that explains it.

This kind of situation can happen, mainly because you lose focus, as you say, maybe it was because you didn't play for 3 weeks? I am sure they will be able to recover after this and not allow it to happen again!


Thanks yeah we will be alright...

It happens sometimes, not a big deal...get back to the war again...

i like this game man and your writing is so nice, thanks.


I like your profile picture

your team was playing really good...but it's bad luck...carry on you and your team will be success next time


yeah sometimes a break can work or not

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Now go and kick some ass next time mofo!


Good post dear friend