Basketball was awesome last night

in sports •  4 months ago

Last night we improved our overall record to 8 wins 2 loses with a massive 90 - 21 win over some clowns called "homeboyz"
download (1).png
These guys were young guys who thought they could know the type that looks the part but forgets basketball is team game. Ball going through their legs and maybe a little bit of trash talking to us which didnt last long as we jumped out to 33-4 lead after the first quarter
Then they started arguing with each other..give me the ball!! one guy said "come at me bro"..i just laughed at him

We just carried on and passed the ball to open people who made shots - i personally had 19 points and shot the ball better than my previous 2 weeks :)
Screenshot (179).png

If the Homeboyz had have played as a team by sharing the ball around they would have scored more than 21 points over the entire game :)

Anyway tomorrow is Friday thank goodness for that - i have a bouncy castle in a hall on Saturday and Sunday so that will keep me off the street for some of the weekend

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this is me @kiwiscanfly
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U beta hard up b4 the krew kums 4 ya


do you think they are on steemit?
Related image


They don't look vegan enough


Congratz for the victory and you personally made 19 and it's near to the team work of Homeboyz! Probably they are at home now!



thanks they got sorted :)

Congratulation for 19 points

Hey whats up ?

I hope you have time and come take part of my competition.


will have a look :)


Hey ...Thank you!! I was try make it very easy :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I think the victory was quite overwhelming! 90-21? I can assume that those points were achieved by the individualities of the Homeboyz, as you indicate that they did not work as a team. Scoring 19 points is great, but I think it would have been more fun for you if the other team had been more difficult for you! I don't know. Still, congratulations!

Boys vs Men

Well congrats buddy ;)
That sure is a massive win indeed ;)

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