Air Force Grounded again

in sports •  4 months ago

We played the Airforce Basketball team a couple of weeks back winning that one 48 - 37, last night we played them again but this time they had some new players. We only had 5 players so we all had to play the full 48 minutes with no subs :(
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Last night with their new players they were an improved team, they pushed us the whole way and even though they had 12 players compared to our 5 when it mattered we still scored!
Screenshot (185).png
I have only just recovered from playing 48 minutes, i got tired before getting a second wind...But we WON by 8 & move to 11 wins - 3 losses this season.
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i need to rest up tonight......

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Are you a tranny now?


you know i am

Congratulations for the win ...
And yes improve your stamina amd attack like a beast


i was knackered after the game..body a little sore today


Stay tuned buddy make me proud ;)

Every time I see that old image BatMan, then I'll laugh at how they did it. :)))


i love that tv show..thats the batman i wanna be
IMG_0832 - Copy.JPG


Ah :))))

Congratz another great victory while odds are with your team! Good night!


Can you like to play cricket


yep love to play cricket...


Me also become a cricketer

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Lesbian Batwoman Scores.


PS ..... Julie Newmar is 85