Great news! You can buy your world cup ticket with Crypto!

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It is a known fact that football and cryptocurrency are becoming very popular in the Russian Federation and globally, yet it seems currently it's not possible to purchase a ticket to the world cup with bitcoin. Already, it is less than two months to the kick off of the 2018 FIFA World Cup holding in Russia as such, crypto enthusiasts who are football fans wanna confirm if they can spend their digital currencies in the host country in Russia.

As reported by Lubomir Tassev of bitcoin news, you can actually buy your world cup ticket with Bitcoin! In his report, Mr. Tassev confirmed that;

A growing number of people around the world now prefer using cryptocurrencies for payments and cross-border money transfers. In countries with high inflation rates or under international sanctions, using bitcoin or another digital currency has become business as usual. For other nations, dealing with strict government control over bank transactions, international transfers may not be an option at all.
Generally speaking, “why not pay with crypto?” is a good question for mostly practical reasons. That’s why the Russian outlet Bitcrypto News recently asked both the Organizing Committee and FIFA why cryptocurrencies are not among the available payment options for the World Cup tickets. Of course, they never got an answer from the organizers. There is an answer, though, and, here it is…

"When There’s a Will, There’s a Way"

Rest assured, football fans and bitcoin enthusiasts! Your coins will be accepted in the Russian Federation, one way or another. When there is a will, there is a way, as the saying goes! Tickets, accommodation, exchange – there are plenty of opportunities to spend your cryptos!
If you are looking for a place to stay, a hotel chain in Kaliningrad takes bitcoin. Malina Apartments in the western Russian exclave will be happy to accept your cryptos. Need some Russian cash? No problem – a crypto change is now open in Moscow. Its rates are not what you’d get online, but hey, it’s a crypto exchange in the heart of a capital city. You’ll find the bureau close to one of Moscow’s main railroad stations, “Kursky Vokzal”. Certainly, these are not merely exceptions.
Want to get a football game ticket with bitcoin? Well, there is a solution, although FIFA doesn’t know about it yet. At least two companies are now offering services through cards issued by the leading international payment providers. Both can be used in Russia and on FIFA’s website, actually pretty much anywhere else, too.
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Therefore, if you wanna enjoy good quality football with your favorite digital currency, be assured you can get all in Russia.

So my question is, do you think FIFA is fair to crypto lovers by not openly accepting cryptos as a means of buying tickets in the world cup? Send in your thoughts in the comment option below. Follow for more and resteem so others can join in this discussion. Do also support me with an upvote if you like this post.


nice one once more @kenhudoy
well, if FIFA likes it or not they better starts accepting btc as its the coin for the youth and future and football is a game of the youth. more money for them if they do. a win win...tks for sharing. upped

Great news indeed..shows that cryptos are going mainstream...keep posting more frequently

sure. thanks for the comment

Hopefully you will buy me one with Elyte? more success, upped.

sure. thanks

I just hope it will make Bitcoin grow, huh

sure...btc is already growing. tks for the comment


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