The importants of games and sports

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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy", goes the proverb. Regular participation in games and sports help us to acquire good health. They not only make us strong and agile but also build our characters. They teach us the value of discipline, team spirit and tolerance, in this way, games and sports build our moral character and prepare us to accept the challenges of life. They are also a great source of enjoyment and recreation. They refresh our mind by removing the monotony of life. They, again, train us to accept both success and failure in life with calmness of mind.

Some of the roles of the games and sports are____

  • Sport enhances our mind and intellect.
  • Our body is healthy as a result of sports.
  • The future of others stands out through sport.
  • Another role is that sports are now played by everyone, from big to small.

Side effects of sports and games____

Discussing some of the side effects of sports. For example, there are many boys and girls who do not study at the time of study and dust their play which causes their minds to drop out of study. I wish I had a sports but at the time of study, keep playing and keep playing. As much as sports are needed in life, education is also needed.

My only request to all children is that you study in sports. And do sports, of course.


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