Marcelo the Real Madrid player will spend 4 months in prison

in sports •  2 months ago

As the title says the famous player of Real Madrid, the Brazilian Marcelo, will have to go to jail for legal matters, this morning Marcelo was in the prosecution and agree to pay a fine and spend four months in jail

¿Why will Marcelo go to jail?

In the year 2013 Marcelo, committed a tax fraud, Marcelo would have used a society (screen) in Uruguay to be able to invoice his image rights and evade the IRPF payment, which was discovered and this led to an investigation towards the soccer player, concluding today in day with a fine and four months in prison

The fine of Marcelo

This was a crime against the Public Treasury and therefore Marcelo will have to pay a fine of 753 thousand 624 euros for defrauding the Treasury. The talks ended with a discount of 40% for the Real Madrid player, so fine stay in a 196,367.08 euros, it is worth to note that if managed to replace the penalty of imprisonment for fine would have to pay approximately 800,000 euros

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