15 year old Canadian wonderkid

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This kid signed a professional contract with MLS at the age of 15 years old. He became a pro footballer at only 15 years of age


He signed with the Vancouver whitecaps back in 2016 and not only did he become a pro at age 15. He just signed with Bayern Munich ( one of the best clubs in the world ) at age 17

His name is Alphonso Davies and he is a Canadian citizen

His story is on YouTube and explains a lot about his life and how he became a pro

He was born in a refugee camp in Africa and later went to Canada and settled in Edmonton after his parents decided to leave Africa because it was too dangerous with the war.

He then shined while playing soccer in Canada and became a superstar

He just sign for Bayern Munich and will head to Germany to play in the bundasliga in January

He is finishing up his last 2 games with the Vancouver whitecaps after not making it to the playoffs

Alphonso Davies is also on the Canadian Men's National team and will be part of the team for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America



His transfer to Bayern is one of, if not the biggest transfer in MLS history


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