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Hello Steemians!!! How are you guys? So happy to be with you again! Sorry if I'm doing my post very seldom, though, I'm always keeping in touch with you by visiting and upvoting your posts.

Many people are fond of watching different field of sports, like for example: Boxing, Soccer, Volleyball, Long Tennis, Basketball, and many more.
For me, I choose basketball as my favorite game to watch for, both NBA and PBA games. Because I admire the awesome movements, and techniques played by the players. It gives me satisfaction just by watching it. My husband also loves basketball, so we consider it as our bonding time, everytime we watch basketball.

This time, I want to share to you how happy I was, when I, together with my husband, sister, and friends watched the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) live.

The ticket is quite expensive, we couldn't afford to buy, but there is a goodhearted and generous one, no other than my sister, who bought the tickets for me and my husband for free. Thank you so much sis.

Then it was possible for us to watch the PBA live, in Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines, close to Dagupan City, our place. Since the PBA usually held in Metro Manila, Philippines, five(5) hours travel from Dagupan City.

The first time we watched PBA live, was the game between GINEBRA Team versus NlEX Team, if I'm not mistaken that was August 2017. As I remember, the GINEBRA team won over NLEX team. All of the players dedicated their best for the game to become lively and exciting. Surely, all of the viewers enjoyed cheering their favorite team, much more on the fans of GINEBRA team.

Then the second time came, last Saturday February 10,2018, again we got the chance to witness the game of the RAIN or SHINE Team versus MAGNOLIA STAR HOTSHOTS. Before we proceed to the venue of the game, in Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines, we dropped by in one of the fast food chains in Robinson's Mall for our snack.

Upon buying, we immediately went on our way to Calasiao Sports Complex. When we reached the place, we took the line on the entrance for ticket inspection. While waiting, we ate our snacks. Suddenly, the players were entering the complex.
Wow! I can't explain the excitement, the joy, when I saw my favorite players closely right before my eyes.

Then the game was about to start so the players had their rehearsal, warm up shortly, maybe for them to familiarize the basketball court.

The actual game was started at exactly 5:30 pm. I took some photos.

In the middle of the game, we could hear the non-stopped cheering of viewers/fans for both team.

At the end of the game RAIN or SHINE Team won over MAGNOLIA STAR HOTSHOT Team. The crowd was still cheering their hearts' out until the very end.
Sadly, I did not have the chance to take photos with the players. A lot of fans circling them so I was intimidated to approach closely to the players.
However, it was still a wonderful experience for me because I have seen both of my favorite player in different team.

You can too have the overwhelming experience of watching the basketball live!!!

Photos are all mine.
Thank you for visiting my post.

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di ko alam mga rules sa basketball peo everytime pinapanood ko mister ko at nakakashoot basta natutuwa nalang ako, di ko nga po alam if ilang points counted,hehe

1 pt lang sis pag streetball rules.
pag professional rules 3 points kung beyond the arc, the rest 2 pts.

Yan po ba ung maraming gwapo? 😂😂😂

Korek shula, guwapo as in.

Wow, malapit lang pala kau sa kanila..hehe.

Yap yap yap. Lapit lang. Shy ako papix eh.

I'm playing basketball too thanks

Parang nanood narin kami ng live sa post nyo na to, at nabusog din sa baon pagkain nyo. Hehehe

Di kc kayo sumama eh. Hehe

Parang pinsan ko ung nasa Jollibee. hehe

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Talaga? Timing ah.