A hater gives LeBron his props for being the G.O.A.T. when it really matters.

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I have always blown up sports to mean far more than they should. When I root for a team, I don't just look at the talent on the floor, I want to respect the way they reached their status. I get overly dramatic when I feel players or teams have taken shortcuts to achieve their success.

When I cheer for an athlete, I want to be able to cheer for the person as well. I know this is silly... but honestly so are sports. Collectively, we pay billions of dollars to watch grown men and women play the games we played as children. But who cares? It is entertainment. Isn't watching an actor in a movie just paying to see them "play dress-up"? We are allowed to be a little silly in our pursuits of entertainment.

Walter Payton may be the only athlete who has ever lived up to my ridiculously lofty criteria for true greatness.

For some reason, I have always had ridiculously high expectations for my favorite athletes. On the court, field, or ice, I want them to work hard, be unselfish, never quit, show excellent sportsmanship, be classy and respectful, be humble and to do it all honestly. Off the court, I want them to not only be model citizens, but use their fame and fortune to help others. In short, despite what Charles Barkley thinks, I want them to be excellent role models.

I know that is kind of a tall order. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if any player has ever lived up to these ridiculously lofty expectations (aside from Walter Payton, for whom the NFL's citizenship award is named). As a result, I often have to separate athlete's performance from the person. I still can't possibly cheer for a criminal or a cheater, but sometimes I just need to accept that I am not paying to watch these super-humans visit hospitals and write giant checks.

Although nothing Anthony Rizzo ever does on a field will be nearly as important as what he does to help kids, his athletic greatness is the source of the money he donates and the awe he inspires when he visits a kid who needs a boost.

Perhaps it is because I am a special education teacher and I spend my day trying to help level the playing field for kids while trying to instill in them the virtue of hard work, but I get really bent out of shape when I see athletes cheating or taking the easy way out. These athletes are already blessed with nearly supernatural talent, why feel the need to cheat? I know there is an old adage that says, "If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying." (just ask Bill Bellichick) but that simply drives me nuts.

As a result, back in 2010, I lost every ounce of respect I had for the most physically gifted athlete I had ever seen: LeBron James.

I will always refer to this as the pep rally for nothing.

When he chose the easy way out, destroyed competitive balance in the NBA (remember he blazed the trail and did this many years before Kevin Durant and many others followed suit), and "took his talents to South Beach", I was shocked. He had just competed in the finals. How could he want to destroy his legacy and show that he wasn't tough enough to do things the hard way?

Once he arrived in Miami, it got worse. Perhaps he had behaved this way while in Cleveland, but I certainly don't remember it while I was rooting for him to win a championship despite the fact he was a direct competitor of my beloved Chicago Bulls. Of course, the despicable behavior of which I write is:


LeBron winked at the camera after tricking the referees into calling a foul on this play.

Or as I prefer to think of it:


I will never forget one particular play when LeBron pretended to be fouled by Derrick Rose. After getting the call, as he ran down the court, he winked at the camera. He winked. Not only had he cheated he was proud of it.

LeBron flopped so much that an internet craze sprung up with people "LeBronning" in public places. It was hilarious... yet sad.

And he didn't stop.

He still hasn't and it makes me sick.

Millions of kids watch him. He is the most physically gifted athlete I have ever seen and yet he cheats. What message does that send kids who will never have the talent in any area that he has in basketball? If you aren't good enough to earn it... cut whatever corners you need in order to achieve your goals.

So on the court, Lebron drives me insane. I would never want my children to comport themselves the way he does.

However, off the court, perhaps LeBron is indeed The G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time).

Off the court, LeBron may be the G.O.A.T.

LeBron has donated a staggering amount of money and time to many charities.

He started After-School All-Stars for children in Akron Ohio. The program provides academic help and extra-curricular activities for at-risk children. It is not a temporary band-aid. Lebron's foundation has raised over $40 million to provide college scholarships for kids who remain in the program and graduate from it. The first graduating class is only 3 years away.

Forty. Million. Dollars.

LeBron also donated $2.5 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

He also contributes to the Children's Defense Fund and ONEXONE. The former's goal is to "be a voice for children’s rights and make sure that all children are treated equally and fairly." The latter' mission "includes taking care of children by helping them with the 5 pillars: hunger, health, education, water and play."

Heck even the infamous "Decision" interview raised over $6 million for charities including the Boys and Girls club.

He's not taking that pile of money. That is what he is leaving in order to help kids in Ohio.

Earlier this week, LeBron James may have set a new gold standard for philanthropy.

On July 30, 2018,

LeBron James opened a freaking school!

The I Promise school is no ordinary school. It is a public school that is geared toward helping kids who are "under-performing in reading, math and other essential academic areas." The school day and year is longer than most schools. Students attend Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The school year lasts from July through May. In other words, kids work longer and harder in order to achieve success. No short cuts here. The kids are all provided a healthy breakfast and lunch. The services extend to the parents and caregivers of the children who will have access to G.E.D. programs as well as a food pantry.

When a child graduates from the program, he/she will have a college scholarship waiting for him/her.

Eeven the slogan is The G.O.A.T.


This guy is dedicated to helping kids and puts his money where his mouth is.

Speaking of mouths...

One of my favorite quotes of all time is

Well LeBron does not remain silent. He uses his platform to speak out against injustice when he sees it. I know some people would prefer that athletes just stick to dribbling. However, if you believe in the message of Edmund Burke's quote, how can one simply "shut up and dribble"?

Many do.

In fact, the on-court G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan is famous for avoiding saying anything that would alienate his customer base. Yet LeBron does not. For that, he will always have my respect.

I can't say I will ever be able to cheer for LeBron when he is donning his jersey of the month, but I sure as hell would give him a standing ovation when he visits children's hospitals and writes giant checks.

I guess LeBron may be The G.O.A.T after all... where it really matters.

No easy way out here. LeBron has earned that crown as The King... of philanthropy.

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Your just trying to kiss up to him, now that he plays for a team in your state. I see your angle, and you are using kids as a excuse. How low do you have to go, and we will be voting on kicking you out of the LHC (Lebron Haters Club) Next meeting.


LOL. I'm in Chicago!

I can't wait to see the utter dumpster fire the Lakers will be next year. Although I have a very weird hypothesis.

Is it possible LeBron is taking this season off? He played every game last year and lead the league in minutes. He has played a ton of games over the past 9 years... well actually his entire career. Could he be thinking that it is impossible to win next year so he will rest as much as possible and then go for it the following year when they have the money for another super team?


O shoot, I thought you were in cali. But ya He might as well go play baseball for a year or two.


Only if he gets "suspended" for gambling...

After this LeBron can do no wrong.....true GOAT!!!

The sad thing is that a basketball star has to help raise up a community & fund a public school, food pantry, & GED program instead of the government who should bare the responsibility across the nation & not just in middle class+ communities.

On a side note the "cheating" seems to be something practiced in multiple sports & likely a taught behavior to get extra time back, penalty shots etc in baseball, soccer, basketball & many more sports. Football teams run out the clock or kneel out a win all the time instead of going all in. I think this is a problem across sports with teams, players & coaches playing the rule book more than the game. #imo #opinion #philanthropy #sports #community


I definitely agree that the school system needs to be fixed. There is far too much variation based on socioeconomic status.

There are supposed to be rules in place to punish flopping but sadly they are rarely enforced. I hope they figure out a way to deter it because it is terrible to watch elite athletes flop.

Lebron is a special case for me. As a basketball player and the way he has treated the NBA as his personal playground, I have no respect for the man. I truly feel that even though he is arguably the greatest athlete the game has ever seen (I think Jordan was better) he has in many ways destroyed the competitiveness of the NBA. We are now stuck watching a league where there are virtually a handful of teams that have a chance and are actually worth watching. Having said all that, he has given so much back to the communities he is part of and has shared his enormous wealth with so many. He does set a standard that is difficult to match when it comes to philanthropy. It is almost as if he is two different people. I wonder how much of the philanthropy is him and how much is great PR advisors. He certainly needs the PR after the way he acts in terms of the basketball world.


There is no doubt that he has a PR machine working overtime... and yet they were all surprised when people burned his jerseys after he cut out the hearts of his home town fans on national television. Oddly enough it is for that reason that i actually think he really does want to help kids. He's been doing charity work long before he started pissing people off. Heck even that horrible Jim Gray interview gave the proceeds to charities. He is definitely a unique case. I can't remember ever despising someone so much on the court and respecting them off the court. Usually it is the complete opposite. Even if it is all done for PR, that is fine with me. The good still gets done. Now if he would just stop flopping!

Well he is doing good where it counts than. We have no professional sports team where I am from or any where close to me. I have always been facinated by peoples obsession of it tho. Why do they set cars on fire when they win or lose? :)


That is one of the strangest things ever. It is so dumb the way people "celebrate".


It is very strange!

Basketball is a business in America just like so many organizations and I enjoy how LeBron has handled his career. Most people who criticize LeBron, have no sports background or weren't successful. As far as his off the court philanthropy, I've never been surprised. As long as l remember LeBron in the league he has alsways been the most inspiring.

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I love the charity work, but I just can't get past the flopping. It is like I have an allergy to it that makes my physically sick. ;)

Han, have you heard of scorum yet? It's like Steemit but just for sports. I've gotten suggestions to make an account, but I'm not very... sporty. I maybe might do bios or articles along this line, we'll see. If you haven't looked into it yet though you should.


I actually have heard of them. I really wish they picked a different name. Sounds a little too much like a body part for my liking. ;)

Thanks for the tip though.

You are an excellent writer. I am sure you could research any topic and produce quality content.


Thank you :D

(and I thought the same thing about the name haha)

The 🐐! While many fans don't agree with the career moves he has made on the court I don't have any issue with it. There were others before him who created super teams (Boston Celtics 07-08), but he continues to bare the blunt of the blame. In the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The one area I do wish he would change is his flopping. Superstars are already provided special treatment from the refs so there really is no need for him to take it even further by manufacturing fouls out of thin air.

With all that being said him opening up this school and LITERALLY providing a path for all the students to a free college educations is remarkable. It's time for other athletes, entertainers, and wealthy citizens to step their game up if they aren't doing so already.


I have complained about him so much that I simply couldn't remain silent when he did something so noble. If I am going to scream about the negatives, I feel I should also scream the positives.

If he would simply stop flopping, I could let all the other nonsense go and just appreciate his greatness. If.

That's really sad and for a guy who is a star.
This is absolutely cheating by LeBron. He didn't do anything to him.
And what's more sad is being proud of cheating.

That is one thing that we should credit him for, all his charitable works. I think that all his charitable works will make him great. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us. Have a Great day!

The 🐐. On and Off the court


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it is very true my dear friend

Athletes are more than just sports players. They are celebrities. People spend hours watching them, following them, mimicking them, they need to display a good behaviour and uphold certain values at all times. I agree with you, Lebron James is not the best sports player not because of his skills on the court, but his character values on court and off court.

These athletes have millions of followers, and while everyone should be free to do whatever they want, I think that they have a certain responsibility to behave in a way that influence the world in a good way, since so many people CAN and WILL be influenced by the things they do, in the sports entertainment industry, especially with their lives on a magnifying glass due to the presence of social media and internet.

Thank you for your post, and I hope that we can see athletes with good morale and values. They do not have to be perfect, they can at least TRY to be, and set the best example they can for the future generation of mankind.


That is a very good point. Whether they like it or not, they are role models. It is up to them to decide what they will model.

awesome concept sir..i like this..thanks for share your inportant concept.

Lebron is an interesting guy!

Oh! I did not see that coming. Maybe because im not a 100% basketball avid fan but i know what a big star Lebron is. And he do influences a mass community especially school. The kids look up to him as their hero.

I feel sadden about this. Thanks for your ulog I was updated.

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L. James for me has been a copy but I did not really know all these things that you said since I saw him as the best player I've ever met and good in personal opinion I think that every person can change in the future, right? I also have little time watching the NBA but if a person like you says that's the way I think it is, very good post, I really liked it a lot.

Wow very wonderful sports gallery. I like it your great full post my best friend. thank you so much.