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Germany and Sports!

Today we are discussing Sports in Germany, what are the most popular things Germans do and watch in terms of Sports? Read on - here are the official Top 10 sports in Germany (BUT BE CAREFUL - the source is not from Germany but should indicate foreigners moving to our country what is the most popular here - can not agree on the ranking honestly!)

1 - Fussball – Soccer or Football

No doubt that Fussball is the most famous sport in Germany - we are world champions

2 - Golf

Golf still is a sport in Germany that only people with a lot of money seem to practice. Not true I say and I doubt it is no.2 popular sport

3 - Ice hockey

Not no. 3 even I personally like it

4 - Basketball

Also never ever No. 4 and I personally do not understand how people can watch that boring Sports lol

5 - Motorsport – especially Formula 1

Agreed! Should be near Top 3

6 - Handball


7 - Tennis

Following Boris Becker and Steffi Graf are as old as me this ranking number might be true!

8 - Skiing

Oh well - broad Sports discipline could be anything - I like most of it from Ski Jumping to Biathlon and Alpine stuff.

9 - Cycling

For sure not Top 10 even everyone has a bike.

10 - Boxing

I find this one of the most boring sports but could be true - Germans tend to make this an event for celebs etc - to me it is really boring - one exception was the recnt Klitschko fight where he lost, reminded me about the times Tyson was boxing, that time it was Sports, nowadays it is a boring event and the sports is more like chess.

German Athletes

See what Google shows us when searching for "German Athletes":

Please feel free to write and comment about other great Atheltes or Sports you think need a mention here!

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I used to love hearing German crowds at the football, shout; "Lukas! PO-DOL-SKI!!!" and "Bastian! SCHWEIN-STEI-GER!!!!"




I can remember that as well :-)

Motorsport is definetely the best sport! but what about gymnastics? also one of my favourite sports.


Personally i do not like gymnastics at all but that is a personal taste thing - here we speak about German Fav Sports and as we are not good in there I assume not one of the Top 20


Oh ok haha

Badminton & Ultimate Frisbee, two amazing sports, that regrettably don't get the recognition they deserve =/
Marc Zwiebel ist übrigens ein ziemlich starker repräsentant ersterer Sportart


Die mag ich beide sehr gerne aber nicht als Zuschauer


Das stimmt hahha, sind beide Sportarten die man selbst betreiben sollte=)

very good post. Your football team is still pretty decent.

Check out my quiz on my page, there is one which involves German football team.



Fitness ist meines Erachtens kein Sport sondern die Grundlage jeder Sportart oder was meinst Du genau? Pro Fitness Bodybuilding?

Great post. I actually started to play tennis in 1985 at that age of 3 because Boris won Wimbledon. Unfortunately nobody ever followed his footsteps


Great to hear - can remember this very good still