Neymar said he was ready for the World Cup

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Gabriel Jesús nor Roberto Fermino, who will be in the eleventh of Brazil?

With such a great goal coming from Jesse's foot against Austria, there is no need to take the question and feel the need! As soon as the ball hit the ball, it can be understood that the position of Jesse's place in the number nine position is currently coming. From the rugged angle to the right leg, what a great bend shot, not far away, put a ball in the pocket of the post.

Neymar's 63-minute goal was perhaps more satisfying than Jesús's goal in 36 minutes. Neymar scored a goal in two straight games from the injury. After that Brazil did not stop again. They have fielded 3-0 goals against hosts Austria. The final preparation for the World Cup could be better than that and the Celestas could not have been.

In today's match, if Jesse is the answer to the number nine position, then Neymar? Brazilian poster boy returns to the eleventh first round of injuries. The goal of the Brazilian brand showed that there is nothing to worry about the fans getting the first one against Switzerland against them. With the control of Willian's alto chip box, he took off the work of Boot Soul and knocked over the Defender in the placing of the placing. Neymar has touched legendary Romario at this level. Brazilians are now 55 in both. Only Ronaldo and Pele are in front of Neymar. Neymar's sparkling companion Brazil will step in Russia, the supporters of Selesa are still in need of something!

Neymar has returned from injury in the previous match against Croatia. He also made the goal as a replacement. But still the supporters had heard of the bad news- he was 80 percent fit. That is not 100% still. But today, he explains, now he is going to fly on a Russian plane with 100 percent fit.

Heavy heavy names in Brazil's attack Who is to be left to whom, in the case of this honey only he sleep is awake. At least in the final warm-up match, the 4-3-3 formation was confirmed by Neymar, Jesseus and Willian. Normally Barcelona star Kutinho has come to play a little down the role of Play Maker. In the role of Kutineho If you have such aggression, then you can stay as a supporter. The last goal in the 69th minute came from his legs. In return, Ferrimino's defender got the ball rolling in front of forward and caught fast in forward shots in Barcelona.

Brazil win 3-0 goals in the final warm-up match Finding many positive issues can be found. If he won 2-0 against Croatia in the previous match, he could not be seen in the match. Seeing today's match, it was understood that Silva has done well with Miranda. Brazil were also ahead of the ball. In all, the Neymar forces made the World Cup dress rehearsal colorful. Hexa dream is to keep the eye of the Brazilians out of the eye to keep in Russia

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