US Team Haas - Spain - Still Kicking Ass in Formula One

in sports •  8 months ago

Once again it was a game of two Haas halves .
With K-Mag driving to some great points and Grosjean driving into everybody.


I Like Grosjean, I think he is an excellent driver when the Gods are smiling on him.
But lately he has been a bit of a disaster.

If he continues in the same vein he will be out the door.
It's a tough life being a F1 driver.
With young super fast whipper snappers just waiting for a weakness to show.
Then they are in.

Maybe Grosjean has peaked and it's time to move on.

But I hope for the Haas teams sake, he starts driving like a God once again.

It did end as a bit of a procession for the Hammer Hamilton.

But we now draw a deep breath and move on to Monaco.

2018 Spanish Grand Prix: Race Highlights

But a good day for one Haas car at least.

Spanish Grand Prix: Haas Race Recap

Next up on the F1 World Circus, is Millionaires Yacht Row, Monaco.

An amazing place founded by Cut Throat Pirates. Who just like magic have now turned into A list Royalty.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco 27 May 2018

Image Courtesy of BT

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