US F1 Team Haas - Belgium - Still Kicking Ass in Formula One

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Well after a summer break, the F1 Circus came back with a bang.
And Alonso literally joined the F1 Flying Circus.

Daniel Ricciardo is jumping ship to Renault. Carlos Sainz Jr. moving from Renault to Mclaren.
The Stroll Daddy Warbucks, just bought Force India for his son Lance.
Which pushes Econ, a fabulous driver out of the Game.

And then there is Leclerc.
The Godson of Jules Bianchi, who was the last driver killed in F1.
After that tragic death, the powers that be pushed for a safety solution and the Halo was born.
A horseshoe of metal attached to the drivers cockpit.
It does look terrible and a lot of the drivers objected.
In the Belgium F1 Grand Prix it saved LeClerc from getting his head chopped off.
As Alonso with the help of a shunt from "Suck My Balls Hulkenberg," was sent sailing over Leclerc's Sauber.
End result, lots of smashed cars but nobody hurt.
1- Zero to the Halo.


K-Mag and Grosjean scored a double points finish in 7th & 8th.
If you have been following this blog you will know it does not happen that often.
Which is why I have read K-Mag ran over to Grosjean and gave him a Hug.
Grosjean's job is on the line.
And I suppose K-Mag would prefer to drive against a known entity that a new hungry driver.
So has Grosjean done enough to keep his drive?
Who knows.
This is F1 and only the F1 Gods know.

Vettel won the race with the Hammer Hamilton in 2nd place. Verstappen kept everybody happy by taking third.
Perez and that man Ocon grabbed an excellent 5th & 6th place.
Lance Stroll will take away Ocon's seat as early as the next race in Monza.
Lance Stroll is an average driver with shitloads of money behind him.
Ocon is an exceptional talent with Mercedes behind him. So, I do hope Mercedes find a way to keep him in F1.
But it is looking tough for Ocon and Vandoorne as the F1 Musical Driver Chair Endgame nears it's illogical conclusion.

2018 Spanish Grand Prix: Race Highlights (Must Watch on Youtube - sorry)

Belgian Grand Prix: F1 Team Haas Race Recap

Next race on the F1 World Circus is Italy and Monza

Round 14 of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship is the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.
Practice begins Aug. 31,
qualifying takes place Sept. 1
And the race runs Sept. 2.

Go Haas!!! Go K-Mag!! Go Grosjean!!!!

Image Courtesy of F1

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