⚾ Daily Fantasy Baseball ⚾Contest Announcement for Wednesday 7/5/2017 💥Win $5 SBD 💰 with potential $5 SBD 💰bonus if we hit 20 entries💥

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Steemit Daily Fantasy Baseball - Fan Duel Contest - Wednesday 7/5/2017

Steemit baseball.png

This is an ongoing league. Join anytime, play as often as you like (only one entry per daily contest) games will be available to enter every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday unless otherwise mentioned in another post. To play all you need is a Fan Duel account and a Steemit account. It is free to sign up, and free to play. The regular daily prize payout to the winner is $5 SBD and the first several weeks payouts have been donated by @nathanjones. Also, big shout out to @lydon.sipe who has donated $5 SBD to the contest. We have decided to use this as a BONUS if we fill the 20 entry capacity of a daily game. If we don't get 20 entries today, then this BONUS will carry over until we have a single daily contest with 20 participants.

So if we get 20 people to enter today, then the payout for today's game would be $10 SBD!!! So, ReSteem this post to spread the word and build the number of entries.

ReSteeming is not a requirement, but greatly appreciated (especially in the beginning) to help build the participants and the post payouts.


  1. Follow @fantasy.sports
  2. UpVote this post
  3. Follow the link below, join the league, and enter your team
  4. Post in the comments that you entered and your Fan Duel account name to allow for quicker payouts

OPTIONAL: ReSteem the post to spread the word and build the prize pool for future contests.

Join the league HERE!!!

Fan Duel will allow up to 20 people per league so right now this is limited to the first 20 participants, so get it while you can. And remember, if we fill it then there is the $5 SBD Bonus to the winner.

The initial 4 weeks of contests are funded by @nathanjones, but the plan is that this will be a community funded contest through upvotes, sponsors, and/or donations, so as the post payouts go up over time so will the daily game payouts to the winners. We would really like to get this league well established going into the all star break so that when the 2nd half of the season starts up we will be ready to have some KICK ASS contest payouts.

Join The League HERE!!!



We are tagging all of the followers of @fantasy.sports to make sure everyone is aware of the new contest. If for some reason you would like be removed from the update list for games, just let us know.




followed, upvoted, joined with fanduel username: jumbogorilla

I think this is great! I look forward to each contest. Hopefully I start earning more Steem so I can contribute to the prize pool. I won on Monday and received my Steem dollars! Thank you!

It's turned out to be pretty awesome, @troyesalvador. Come join us. Also, will be announcing our home run derby contest soon, so keep an eye out for that.

One hour left to enter a lineup for todays contest.