Sports Injuries - When your body is telling you to chill the F*** out!

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If you're an athlete or just an active person, getting inured and being forced to stop your workout routine can be extremely frustrating. It's understandable, you're craving those endorphins associated with physical activity.

If you are a BJJ practitioner like me, you may feel pressured to go to class and roll because you don't want to fall behind your team mates. Sometimes it's just a matter of ego instead of being smart. We all know that common sense is the least common of senses.

If you ever get injured, please rest and let your body recover until you're ready to go again. If you're forcing yourself to start too soon, you'll just make it worse on yourself. Think about it - would you rather be out for a couple of weeks and start fresh, or hurt yourself again and be out a few months instead? Is it really worth the headache?

I know it's hard to make the wise choice here, but giving yourself the right amount of recovery time is key! Remember, reaching your goal is not a race, it's a marathon and you want to enjoy it and arrive in one piece!


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Oh girl!! I'm so sorry to hear about the injury. But hey! You're still smiling so it can't be that serious! (just kidding) Get well soon and I hope you can continue with your shredding 'project' in a couple of days. Take care babe!


LOL yeah it's better now...still have to wear that stupid neck brace, but it's so much more tolerable. =)