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Greetings Steemains -

Introducing EVBettor, plan is to bring together ideas and concepts related to sports and sports betting. Will share news and stories related to these concepts. You can also find me on twitter @EVBettor.

Whether you think the Dallas Cowboys or Apple stock (AAPL) is under valued, many of the same techniques go into the evaluation of the market price vs. your expectation.


Will mostly be posting about the evaluation of sports and propositions from an analytical perspective as that is where my background lies. Hopefully, we can start an engaged community base that helps each other learn and grow.

Interact Please

Will post as often as possible around the sports, finance, or anything with odds, but plan is to mainly focus on sports betting as an area and we can bounce ideas, concepts, and techniques to make help each other out. I got plenty of help along my journey and wish to do the same for others.



Welcome to Steem @evbettor! I just followed your account so I can keep up with your posts! Please follow me, too @deshine

thanks. did the same.

Seems like you're gonna have a cool account, welcome to SteemIt! I just followed you to keep seeing your content in the future!

Welcome to Steem @evbettor I have sent you a tip

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Welcome to Steemit, @evbettor!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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