Phil Mickelson IS KIZER SOZE

in #sports7 years ago (edited)

Amazing story involving gambling debts, golf, and insider trading. The ultimate country club degeneracy case.

Phil Mickelson has won five Major championships and is one of the smoothest golfers still today. Yet his greatest feat may be avoiding jailtime while long-time gambler Billy Walters and a Board Member at Dean Foods went down with huge jail sentences in an insider trading case brought forth by the SEC...While the Lefty walks away just having to repay his profit.

Story Here

What do y'all think?


Nice article. I wouldn't go far as to say that Phil was the mastermind of the insider trading scheme, but he did get away with it.

that's what they said about kizer...

good heads-up on the article, but what's the conclusion after you read it?

Either that Phil one of the luckiest people alive (slipping through a judicial loophole) or is a criminal mastermind.

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