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Barcelona wanted to beat Marco Verratti To counter it, opposite Neimarake was taken to Paris Saint Germain. Barcelona are yet to agree to Neymar's defeat. But Neymar's option is right they have. Barcelona wants to replicate Paolo Diabla to fill Neymar's gap

Barcelona-based magazine Mundo Depotivo says, as much as the confidence in Neymar, I am very concerned about the situation inside and around Barcelona. The team has started to think about the alternative, so they are thinking of the situation. Meanwhile, Barcelona tried to buy Kutinho in Liverpool's Philippe Kutinho. But he did not fit the offer.

Now Barcelona plans to plan for Divila. However, the offer is welcomed by the support team. As Neymar's counterpart, Dayalai, Last season, PSG lost to Neymar in the second leg of the Champions League. Neymar is now forced to climb the ball to the Paris team. And with Barcelona in the doubles quarter-finals, That was the result of the match. So the best solution is to pull the day!

Mundo Depotivo also claimed that the Barca authorities have now turned their attention on day-to-day barring Verratti. A source claim, a proposal of 95 million euros or has been rejected in the meantime. But Barcelona are very optimistic about teaming up with Divila. The first reason is that Messi wants to play in a team with the Guinness World Records teammate Dibla Swadeshi. The second reason, a special clause in the dealer's day. Juventus did not release a release clause for the new contract. But Italian sources claim that, at the request of Dibla, there was only a clause for Barcelona. Barca will be able to take Dayala with a clutch of 110-120 million Euros. If Neymar actually leaves Barcelona, then the pocket is big, but you have to find a way to spend 222 million Euros!

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