Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Match Preview.

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With the International football week coming to a close it is time to get back to normal weekends with the Premier League back on on Saturday. Now, United left things on a incredibly bad patch having been bullied by City losing the game 3-1. The scoreline wasn't as embarrassing as the pathetic performance that accompanied it.

Jose, who seems to not have a single clue anymore how he will approach matches got it wrong from the go by having immobile mid fielders in Matic and Fellaini who barely have any vision for a pass let alone speed to keep the city mid fielders in check. Fellaini should not have started this game. It was more suited to the likes of Perreira or even Fred who had an amazing showing in the Champions League when he played for Shaktar against City.

Who is available for the game?


Lukaku, Rashford, Pogba, Dalot, Martial and Fellaini all are nursing some form of injury at the moment. Of this group only Fellaini, Martial and Diogo Dalot have been spotted in training over the week. Martial particularly looks to have recovered from a slight knock and is very likely to start the game.

Others, however, seem to have etched their names in Jose's naughty list with permanent ink such as Valencia for his Instagram 'Jose out' stunt, Eric Bailly, for not very obvious reasons and Perreira, for being a young player who happened to not have one particular good game.

With the limited players that Jose has at the moment here is the squad that I feel is going to start the match. Most of these are a shoe-in to always start even if they have to play on crutches.

Now, while I would love to see Matic out of the side and Hererra in that position and then Pereirra coming in at right-hand CM I am very sure that will not happen.

This game will be absolutely crucial heading into the December gauntlet of matches. We need to start this with a massive win and not continue to leak goals as we have been for the past few months.

Score Prediction and Last Words.

I am trying to take a positive view of this game but if we continue playing as a we have we are definitely going to concede at least one goal in this match. The goal difference at the moment is absolutely dog-turd. The shocking statistic is we are on course to having conceded more goals in the first half of the season than we conceded over the whole of last season. 21 goals now and 28 the who of last season.

Yeah, believe it. Something is wrong somewhere. I believe the manager deserves the most blame for ostracizing players. Luke shaw, Valencia, Bailly, Pogba, Pereirra and Fred. I would even dare mention Darmian as well though I feel he should not even be showing up for practice.

I am hoping we skin a beautiful 3-0 or 4-0 in this match but it is probably going to be a tough won 2-1 or the other way round in favor of Crystal Palace.

In a later article we will be looking at the January transfer window and potential signings. I will be absolutely shocked if United don't try and do business in January. Even at the very moment we should be having contracts drawn up with potential signings already identified before Christmas.

If no business is done then we can all kiss top 4 goodbye and Jose along with it.

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Martial is going to score


I hope he does score. We need the goal.

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