On the shore, the Tari Dobla Salah,Golden Su Messi!

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Gatwick star Mohamed Salah is behind this year's American Football Championship, with the greatest goal of this season, Golden Sue Power has been a lot in advance of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi. Although only monthly ago, Salah was the favorite to win the prize behind all Western european rivals. But at the end of March, this Egyptian star of Gatwick was behind just 3 goals in the Best League. During this time, Messi scored eight goals in La Liga.

Messi is three goals forward of Salah with thirty four goals in domestic little league. Salah has only one match. Sunday's premiere little league match will be published by Liverpool Brighton in the field of field at the Anfield little league. On the other palm, Barcelona have two video games left to finish La Liga. Catalan giants will host Real Sociedad at Camp Nou in the last match one week following your match against Élévateur on Monday.

The items in the Golden Sunlight table are essentially the number of goals obtained. Two points were put into the top five little league goals in Europe. This kind of season, Benfica made Jonas 33 goals in the league. In the Silver coast league, he added one and a half take into account the area of the player's name. For that reason, Jonas's position in the list is ninth. Bayern Munich's Robert Livanadoski and Lazio Siro Emboile are mutually tied with 58 factors, with 29 goals in 29 games. Paris Saint-Germain's Edison Cavani, Maori Icardi of Inter Milan and Harry of Tottenham Hotspur have scored 28 goals

Messi has already gained this award four times. Real Madrid cristiano Cr7 has received Golden Sunshine for four times, of which he won the award for Manchester Usa for the first time in the 2007-08 season. There is much surprise Ronaldo was in eighth position with twenty-five goals.

In the 12 champions from 2008, 11 were La Liga Lewis Suarez won the award for Liverpool in the English language Premier League in the 2013-14 season.

Top 12 goalscorers of this season in the European group:
Name ------------------- Club ------ Point ------ Goal
one particular ) Lionel Messi ----- Barcelona ---- 68 -------- thirty four

  1. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool ----- 62 -------- 31
  2. Serio Emobil - --- Labo ------- 58 -------- 29
  3. Robert Livanadoski - Bayern Munich-58 ---- 29
  4. Edison Cavani --- PSG ----- 56 ---------- twenty-eight
  5. Maoro Icardi ---- Inter Milan-56 ---------- twenty eight
  6. Harry Why - Tottenham Hotspur-56 ---------- twenty-eight
  7. Devoto Ronaldo - Real This town - 50 ------ twenty-five
  8. Jonas -------- Benfica --------- 49. 5 -------- 33
  9. Luis Suarez ---- Barcelona - forty-eight ------------ twenty-four

Messi getting so much money!

Argentine sensation Lionel Messi is in tension free for Barcelona Champions Trumpet tourneys to play in the Champions League. Sitting in the drawing room is also enjoying the freeway football footage of the semifinals. In his golf club football, Real Madrid's Costa da prata captain Cristiano Ronaldo has spent his entire time in the reverse opposing of the final movie script. Ronaldo, the Treble success of the 2016-17-17 season, was required to miss the ongoing season as the highest busiest in the Spanish club profession. Inside the absence of injuries and suspension, the current 2017/18 Club Sports Kangeria has been trim short without being fit.

Bonus fees are certain by extra effort; Yet Ronaldo was completely contrary of the incident! The most hard-working season in the club career, the world's highest-earning football position, the top spot on the losing side of the scandal also has to burn. Real This town Superstar's leading position has sparked a rise in the price tag on wiping out benefits because of Messi's prominence near the top of the income list. On Tuesday, the Argentine Senation's top position in the set of top-income footballers published by French basketball on Tuesday is the figure of 126 mil euro in the 2017/18 season.

Real Madrid crickinfo player Ronaldo ranks second in the most notable of the income A result of its possible revenue in the current season is 94 million local currency. The record transfer strip came from Barcelona and Paris joined St Georges at number three in Neymar's highest-earning football search positions. Brazilian Senation earnings 80. 5 million euros Gareth Bale holds the amount four position. Piku is in 5

Messi is at the top of the greatest earning among footballers back in of the renewal contract, with the highest payment of all time with Barcelona. The club's three-figure magic shape will exceed its profits in the 2017/18 season, such as winner of the club's weekly pay-bonus, support and representation fees in Argentine jerseys for international football. Ronaldo, the last-earner of the last time, has been behind the big gap.

Top five earning footballers:

Name --------- Club / Country -------------- Amount of income

Messi --- Barcelona / Australia ---- 126 million local currency
Ronaldo - Real This town / Portugal - 94 million euros
Neymar ---- St. Germain / Brazil ---- 81. 5 million dollars euros
Gareth Bale - Real Madrid / Wales - 44 million local currency
Piku ------------ Barcelona as well as Spain ------ 29 mil euros