Weekend Sports Dump for May 25, 2018 (comedyopenmic 15)

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Watch the Weekend Sports Dump hosted by me, David Pompeii. Live from my bathroom in West Hollywood, CA, This video is a weekly sports series written and performed as a feature on sportsdump.com. It is a weekly sports wrap up, plus a preview of the coming weekend in sports. No scores, just jokes.

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I went through my bag of fucks and I couldn't find one to give

fcuk daem! i didn't see this again.....

hey Pomp.... can you please DM me direct next time with a link (like As Soon As You Hit Post).....totally not your fault, sorry been busy IRL to do any curation lately.....so if you put out one of your awesome commentary and/or post.... link me up!

btw. you can't get 2 top Curie ($90-$100) within the same week, but at the very least, you could have gotten a direct curation follow Curie from a top Curator (additional say $10-$15 upvote)...but didn't see this sooner to pass it on!

Will do. Thanks DJ.

nw, go read the discord message i left for you

Haha, thanks for the laugh, and even though I'm in Australia, and don't know any of the names you mentioned, your description of the event still carried the humour through.
I had a great laugh, cheers.

Hey, thanks for dropping a line. And Will Power won the Indy 500! Congrats to your countryman. He ran a great race. I'm going to do a comment about him in my Monday morning post.

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