The similarity between Professor Sergio Marchena and Pep Guardiola

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Whenever I saw Professor Sergio Marchena, a picture of Pep Guardiola jumped to my mind and my mind began to dive into the notes of similarities between the two characters, until I reached the spot that the professor would once come out with his hair, then he'd come across to reveal his truth to find in front of me a close copy of Guardiola leading a process New burglary her name will of course be "Tiki Taka"
*** This similarity starts from the appearance and the dress of each of them, and extends to include personal qualities, work style, and even a passion for details that distinguish them in two completely different fields, both of whom are planning to steal and deceive the Madrid government politically and sports !!!

  • ️ ** When you grab ideas while sitting in the corner of your room, half of the darkness, interspersed with sips of the cup of tea next to you, then start with a sketch on the second and third ... Thirty until you reach your goal, the result will inevitably be an easy equation for you. At your opponent, then you are philosophizing and congratulations on entering the professor's corridors
    *** ️ The professor at La Casa de Papel did not want to steal money at all, as he does not steal money but rather steals time from the government, and stealing time earns millions !!!
    In one of the meetings of the philosopher Pep Guardiola, a journalist asked him with provocation;
  • What is the advantage of possession when you cannot score a goal ???
    Pep answered calmly: When I take the ball, I deprive it of the opponent, then I steal the most valuable thing in the match, which is time, and when I steal time and make it mine, the goals will come .... will come
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