Time To Wake Up And Think Differently

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Talk about tough times for us having no sport to really write about and then I think of the poor journalists who have it as a career. I know how hard it is to find something new and interesting to write about so I can imagine if that was your paycheck what pressure they must be under right now.

Luckily we have time on our hands and can either do a historical story with loads of research or go hunting on the various social media sites for some scraps. I have been using twitter more and more to try and get some things that are new and sports related.

I have noticed thought that things I have found have appeared a day later on the various media channels like Sky Sports so they are obviously resorting to the same tactics. There is loads happening if you know where to look, but it is not always interesting and just boring stuff that doesn't make a story or a post.


France has stopped football until September.Holland also cancelled their season which may have been slightly premature.

It does go to show you though how much of our lives are governed around something like sport. When it disappears we have so much extra free time we don't know what to do with ourselves.In some cases if you really wanted to you could virtually watch live sport 24 hours a day and now there is zulch going on.

I haven't put the sports channels on as they will most likely be doing rerun after rerun of something that happened years ago. It will get to a point when they will be saying to themselves what next as countries like France have cancelled football until September. We are only in April so that is one hell of a gap for these channels to try and fill something up with.

I am a little surprised that a country that hasn't been hit that hard with the virus like South Africa doesn't try and take advantage of the situation. The standard of Football is really bad yet people would forgive that part and still watch it. The ratings would be through the roof as the whole world would be focused on their league. Think of the revenue it could gain from television rights along with international advertising.

Whichever country comes out first will seriously benefit. The betting industry would be grateful along with any of the sports channels. South Africa hasn't been hit that hard by the virus and could easily have done something without spectators.

Sports like cricket could have done something similar as a test series between two squads of only 30 players in total could easily be accomplished. Would players accept a 21 day quarantine first in order to play and be away from their families for 4 months is what it will take though.

The sports that go with this type of option will benefit as the rest of the world will be watching whatever sport it might be. we can't just sit around kissing the year goodbye and sports administrators need to be more pro active making things happen. This is not good enough and it looks like everyone has just given up. The administrators make a fortune and now is about time they earn their salaries making things happen.

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