The Box Myth Night ..Don t miss this!

in sports •  last year

The final hour arrived the fight night we all are waiting for is almost here..
My predictions is that is gonna be amazing fight and spectacular fight .
I would love to see a long fight to enjoy more and hopefully 12 rounds ..

All sports fans are welcome to set their predictions what will happen in this on the comments
and pick the one who is more experts on the tonight fight..

Which one is your favorite and do you agree about the odds on the match ./

Thank you for all the support and upvotes of luck

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mayweather will have the clear win, but it would always be nice to see a one punch from ether

This will be an interesting match but sad that there are rumors that it's fixed. Not too sure if that's true though. I'm leaning more towards Mcgregor.

McGregor, with a surprise KO in the later rounds when Mayweather
thinks he can go on offense, believing the Irishman is tired :D FTW!


I agree.

You know this is going to be an epic match no matter what the outcome, i was talking today with a friend and she was sayin conor would probably get disqualified, i laughed because we know conor is hot headed and he will probably kick mayweather lol and knowing mayweather he will be doing his best to wind conor up :)

Am sure Mayweather will win this easily, I find McGregor talks too much. Someone should tell him talk is cheap, looking forward to the action tonight. I did a post on this too. Check out the photos and videos of their weigh ins last night.

Hi, as a sign of my support for the tag #sports and #football, I vote for you and begin to follow you

Let s see! Anyone know where we can see the match for free?


I would want the english man to win. Mayweather seems like a lot of fluff. Lets hope for a good fight. Would love some good thrash talk before the bell rings. That outta spice things up.

I will support you, God bless you, I learn english, so if I made some mistakes, then I apologize and keep it
thank you very much


If you vote me, you will not be able to leave anybody with you, you will vote as you go ahead but we will give support to each other

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