Clash of Titans On Macedonia ...! Man Utd Vs Real Madrid

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Each season, the mainland of Europe investigates the Community Shield and supposes "we'll have a touch of that". Subsequently, the European Super Cup pits the victors of last season's Champions League against the Europa League champions.
For 2017/18 that mix has made a much more spectacular tie than [Champions League winners] versus Sevilla which this apparatus has been usually as of late.

Yes, it's Europa League victor Jose Mourinho going up against his old club Real Madrid as Manchester United hope to win their fourth trophy under the Portuguese.

Dissimilar to late years when the match has been played in Monaco's Satde Louis II stadium, this year sees the UEFA Super Cup occur in Skopje, Macedonia.

The Philip II Arena will be the scene for Tuesday's installation where temperatures been achieving 40 degrees celsius in the day.

Uefa have chosen to actualize two 'cooling breaks' in which the two sides will have the capacity to re-hydrate in the warmth. The first will be tken at the 30-minute check with the second and 75 minutes.

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That's great!

After a long summer, the official competition arrives, Hala Madrid!

Glad to see a fellow kosovan on steemit interested in football!