The BRO Girl Gab! [Episode 0]

in sports •  8 months ago


The BRO Sports™ Network introduces the one and only: BRO Girl!

Join BRO Girl - A.K.A. @bethalea - this Saturday on the BRO Sports™ Network Discord server for a live chat! You could be a part of Episode 1, which will be partially recorded on Saturday and published next Tuesday! Check out the introduction for The BRO Girl Gab! in Episode 0 below:

The BRO Girl Gab! [Episode 0]

Recorded by @bethalea
Produced by @ats-david

Special thanks to @rigaronib for his assistance with the logos!

Are you interested in writing for the BRO Sports™ team? Do you like talking about sports all day, every day?

Join us on Discord!

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Good job on your first (non) episode @bethalea! You have a great voice. I could see you doing audio books. Looking forward to the podcast, and hopefully joining you for an episode sometime.


thanks @michaelluchies!! your advice has been amazing, seriously. now i need to figure out how to record discord, lol!


there's plenty of bots for that

Brogirl is Epic


I saw that blacky. Always with the epic.




Dat Yeti Doe.



Yer the best, this thing is amazeballs.

Sweet video, great intro and well spoken.


damn, thanks @tomekkk!!

You had me at "Hey there" I Swear!


awww!! I love you @jonsnow1983!!

Did I find this on steemit or was this under top podcasts in the app store? Damn Bro Girl that was great!!


hahahaa!! thanks @kryptocek!

Good job Beth. Looking forward to listening.

And thanks for mentioning NASCAR, although I get the feeling I'm the only who cares.


no way chops! MURIKA!!

thanks dude, for real. :)

Nice! That intro was intense!


for REAL, right?? @ats-david KILLED IT

That intro is sick




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it's a podcast. yer supposed to LISTEN.


You got spammed! lol


I hate getting spammed.


i like your post

d00d straight killed it with that intro!

Enjoyed the podcast. Don't normally think of myself as much a participant in trash talk. Although I do put some comments in the chat from time to time. Maybe doing so more often than I think I am. Guess I will find out.

this is so cool, I need to get on more cause this looks epic, great idea/job @bethalea and @bro-sports
Such Initiaitve! :)