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It’s that time of year again, time to get out the clippers after football practice and help these Denver Broncos Rookies get their wig split. Training camp in Denver always has some fun built into it and this year is no different than the others. Rookies new to the team are always saddled with carrying out the veteran players shoulder pads and helmets before and after practice but, all of them must also pay a visit to the teams barber shop for a proper rookie hair cut. The veteran players all congregated around the barber chair to decide how the hairstyles will look and it’s always funny to see what they come up with. Man they do these guys dirty!
It makes no difference when you were drafted or how much money you signed for, everyone who is a rookie must accept this haircut and wear it until they either get cut or make the team. Even first round draft pick Bradly Chubb above had to accept this hazing.
When you are the big man on campus at Michigan like Jake Butt above and then a few months later have to accept the Ohio St. logo on your head, the pain is real.
😂😂😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 This next picture is from several years ago but, look how dirty they did Tim Tebow (who now is playing professional baseball) when he was a rookie in Denver.
It’s all in good fun and it’s only hair but, you will get your beard trimmed, your eye brows (sometimes only one) shaved off and anything else horrible these veteran players decide.
At least they don’t get charged for this! Go Broncos!

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Sign me up for an NFL contract or a chance to make the NFL and you can shave whatever you want in my head. It all comes around in the end and most of these guys will get their turn next year to enjoy form the other side of the barber's chair.

Hahahahahaa, the rooks really got it bad.

Ha ha! What a riot! Had no idea.....Thanks for sharing Mr Nutz!

I love the sun glasses cut. That's awesome.

nothing worse than a bad haircut

Those players know pain is only temporary but to win the biggest sports game on the planet, superbowl, is forever. So they know those cuts are only temporary, being apart of the team is forever. Who am I kidding, those cuts look horrible. Makes them want to keep their helmets on until the hair grows back.

haha.. what ever hair cut they do, people follow them. simply amazing

Haha funny hair cut but I will become tradition ...

Ha ha that's awesome. Hair grows back at least

omg! Hahaha i can take that kind of cut..haha i think in the first its funny but its crazy haha im sorry..😊😄😄

great! third hair style is good 👌🏻

Why they gotta do this crazy shit,what happened to just making rookies carry bags!! Lmao!

Hahaha oh man! I didn't know they did this til this post!

I suppose it could be worse but could you imagine having to walk around in public like this?

Does the OG get a goofy haircut to support the broncos?


I don’t even have any hair cuz! I need some magic ferry dust to do something like this.

Haha there are options of like or dislike, but they like them and thats styles are very different to others.

Lol at the toothbrush through the hair. I’d make him have that in for awhile!

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They always come up with crazy stuff. The whole goal is to make a guy look as bad as possible.

Wtf ? Hahaha , never knew this tradition 😂😂 they should introduce it here too with the soccer leaque .. would be fun to watch 😂😂


It’s sooo funny. Not all teams do this but, we been doing it here in Denver for as long as I can remember.


It's funny indeed ,some of those haircuts... hillarious 😂😂 and then those faces like 'yeah so what ' .. but besides the fun look it does give a message to the rookies.. 'you start at the bottom and have to sacrifice ' ... now I am thinking of it.. they do it at soccer too...
At least I hope they do, neymar can't have chosen this volunteerly 😂😂


That hair cut doesn’t look like a veteran tried to make him look like a fool. I think he chose that one. These guys get the eyebrows shaved too! That takes about 5 months to grow back. Do you know how funny your face looks with no eyebrows?


No he did chose that one by himself. But sometimes its funny to see those soccerplayers almost behaving like models on the field 😂😂 as a matter of fact I do know how it looks with no eyebrows.. accidently I took one of while I was removing some long hairs... years ago... so I had to remmove the other one too... hahah looked like a butface 😂😂 and the time getting it back is ages for sure....

That is a funny tradition😂 and a nice one👍

Would you rather get jumped or get your hair cut like this because I’m fighting I’m not going out in public like that


Well when they are at camp, they really don’t get to go out in public anyway. It’s all practice and study for the rookies. They are on National TV when they play and interviews after the game.

I can't take it, that's worse then being hazed, I love my hairline dearly. I can't do that.


Lol....well it would be easy for me, I don’t even have any hair so my look would stay fresh if I was a rookie.

I have seen some bad haircuts already and those qualify as well. It would be hard for me cheering for a player with funny haircut. I mean it is hard to take such player seriously.

hhaha that's epic what's going on lol hairstyle in broncos way

Some of them are not looking good but some seem to be very nice

If you pay me that much feel free to cut my hair how ever you want!


If you lay me that
Much feel free to cut my hair
How ever you want!

                 - cryptictruth

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I've never seen better haircuts in my life, straight for the pro bowl.

heh heh I do not stop laughing with these courts je je that occur the one of the broncos, what I like is the fun that have their big smiles that feed the soul and are contagious
happy day friend

Funny stuff!

What better way to show the sporting spirit that with those crazy haircuts HAHAHA

Wow very wonderful post.i love football sports. thanks for sharing your beautiful post.

Ohhhhh man..wao very cool hair styles...very great hair styles.....great sports man...looking very handsome....first hair style is so Amazing...thanks for sharing.

hello sir... why player make style like this?

Beautiful spots . I like it your great full post.I would like to see football game very well, thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

Haha, it is joker hair cut .

funny hair style..i think all hair styles is made by players😎

Wow Bro Whats An Amazing Post.
So Funny


Thanks For Sharing