This is the Reason Why the Denver Broncos have the longest home sell out streak in all pro sports!

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There is a reason why an NFL franchise like the Denver Broncos has the longest home sellout crowd streak in all of sports. There is a reason why those same Broncos have appeared in 8 Superbowls and have more AFC Championships than losing seasons under the Bowlen Family leadership. That reason is not only teamwork but also good management of franchise assets like Von Miller.
Denver Broncos division rival Oakland Raiders would not know anything about any of these Championship traits. For the last two DECADES the Oakland Raiders have been perineal losers and guess what........there is a reason why!

Raiders superstar, and 2nd best defender in the NFL is still a hold out at training camp and looking for a new contract. He’s sitting at home, mowing the grass, while the rest of his teammates work and sweat in the hot sun without him. After hiring new coach John Gruden away from Monday Night Football, the Raiders franchise is in disarray once again at the start of a new season. The Raiders fans still have hope but It does not look good for them already without the best player on the defense. Sure they have a few (3) dusty Super Bowl trophies to reminisce about but the facts are the Raiders are arguably one of the worst football teams in the modern day NFL game.
Khalil Mack is an offensive lineman’s nightmare and his team needs him to have any type of success this year but with trade rumors swirling, it looks to be smooth sailing for the week two matchup with my Denver Broncos. He’s fast, he’s big and what’s really scary is he has the strength of a silver back gorilla off a fresh cycle of Testosterone Injections.
While chasing down Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks is actually child’s play for most all of the teams in the AFC West, the Raiders fans are soon to get a reality check when even Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers will be mobile without Mack on the field.
The undisputed best defender in football still plays in Denver. Sure, we had a hard time signing our guy (Von Miller) but both sides have to bend if you really wanna win. This is what makes the Denver Broncos franchise so great. Good value with long term thinking players who measure real success with ticker tape parades on the top of City fire trucks. It is shaping up nicely to be long season for the Silver & Wack this season. Go Broncos!
Just remember Jokeland Faiders Fans, Denver is the Boss of the West and has been since 1984 and the fact of the matter is......THERE IS A REASON WHY!

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There's a theory floating around football that defensive players aren't worth big contracts anymore due to rules changes and the game being shifted to an offensive focused sport. I think what you are seeing from the Raiders will be more common in the next couple of years. So they may actually be early adopters of a soon to be popular strategy.


You know I haven’t heard of this but it makes total sense to me now that I think about it. Good reply!

Oh man them's fighting words! Too bad Jokeland seems to be fighting with eachother. Faiders hahahah....

I have to admit I watch the Broncos games and highlights now so that I can have something to talk about when you post. It hurts but not as much as being a long-suffering Vikings fan.......

This makes no sense to me other than exactly what you said. The Raiders are just plain dumb!! Just pay the man!!! When you have a player as talented as Mack on your defence you don't get into a breath holding contest. Like you said, the Raiders will fail like they always have. Al was a stubborn mule and apparently, things haven't changed. You know what, why don't you guys take the long hard stand against Mack and the idea of winning and force him to hold out all season. That guy brings 3 wins to your team all by himself so I am good with him watching the games on his sofa at home.

Wow, @broncnutz Rubbing their Noses in the POO POO......Raiders Suck !!

You are a rocking man . I know that you are game fan . You love watch game . I hope you enjoy sports . Thanos for sharing @broncnutz

Nice post sports and thank you for sharing this beautiful posts😂🤔😍😎

its good to see u man.thats one of my fv game...

Cant wait to see the reason why the broncos tanked their season again. Cant wait to see the bronco fanbase calling for elways head. Cant wait to see your punishment continue. Cant wait baby.


If you think the REAL Denver fan base is ever gonna turn on Elway your crazy cuz. Since the second Elway has stepped foot in Denver we have been to 7 SB and he has had a hand in every single one. I think your underestimating what we did in the off season. After watching your soft as baby shit defense, Chiefs fans are the fan base who should have some concern.


Zero concern over here.

All, there's a reason..
Right @broncnutz?

denver broncos ruling it in style ;)

Those players should take responsibilities in their fullest manner which is very important for that team. Raiders superstar, and 2nd best defender in the NFL was not taking training. At the time when he was seen, he needed the whole team for that time. It is very important to be a teamwork in a team otherwise player lost mentally. If they all was together and united and prepared for the whole of the whole, they would definitely win.

enjoy sport! great broncnutz

Pretty sure, Broncos will go higher than this !

I didn’t know this. Now I get the reason @broncnutz thanks for sharing this

East or West broncos is the best.

Inspirational words.

No doubts they r dumps and acting like that. They are pretty looser. Having a player like Mack and active like that is stupidity.

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Pretty detailed post lol. Lets just hope everyone can stand for the National Anthem for a entire season. Statistics and opinions are one thing but regardless of team nothing is more disrespectfull then sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem over racial inequality Bullshit and ignorance. Nice post though and good point.

@broncnutz We can simply assume that they have decided to become losers.

Good person, enjoy sport

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Everything is selling man, Even human's!

P.S Don't forget to check my today's hunt @broncnutz.

I m a big fan of football.great fighting for wining.players are very is very greatest and emoshional game.every player play with heart.i love this game.broncnutz you are rock man.i m big fan of you.i know you are a big fan of fotball game.thanks for sharing dear.

Broncos is great player and funny human too.

What's a great Analysis on Denver broncos performance . 👌

Deeply attached with the game and his team . Such a great player .

the broncos are improving every time but that's a good warning they are a great team and so they will go far

Raiders Suck !!

The broncos Just getting better and I hope they get more players with passion for their games @broncnutz

broncos rocking 😍😍 Go Go Go

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Para mi siempre a sido un juego ofensivo, asi existan las reglas en el campo de juego!

The game is my favorite game. On college holidays, all my friends play in the village and play the game. The game looks very good And your post was very good too. Thank you very much for sharing the post among us

That's true 😆😆

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I could definitely see that Broncos going very far this year. Good offseason acquisitions, improved playmaking, better QB under center, etc. It's things like these that cause you to have a rebound season. I'm saying around 10-6 definitely make the playoffs.