Raiders & Chiefs Fans Talking Reckless!!

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Check out long time Youtubers Chief Urag and Watts Raider talking reckless in June! Be careful what you wish for punks!!!


@broncnutz have to admit that chiefs fan was pretty good on video as well. You may need to get him to do a full spirited breakdown trash talking session with you.

Oh me and him go at it a lot!!!Actually he and I have spoke on the phone a couple times. He's a cool dude to go back and forth with. He is the sole reason I ever started a social media channel. If not for him I would not even be here on steemit. He made a video that made me laugh so hard i wanted to start a channel just to needle him......been doing it going on five years now.

It's great sports video, looks like a sports teaser .
Your impression is also great

Thank you.

This video is unavailable to view here.

Thank you my friend for the amazing video professional video, but we in Morocco do not follow this kind of sports follow regular football but drew my attention that picture
Overall thanks for the participation

Oh man I can see the war beginning! @britchief has been pretty quiet lately!

Bahahahaha.....@britchief dont want no part of me! My man has only been a Chiefs fan for like 13 weeks...he fell in love with them over a cold pizza and a 2am documentary on ESPN. He's a good dude, love sparring with him.

Hope RaiderBen gets some more dog food this year that was too funny.

Hey man you talking in english in very fast . I can't understand what are you saying . Haha
By the way nice video

LOL...I do talk fast! Sorry. Thanks for checking it out anyway. :)

Careful what ch wish for cuz ya might jus get it!!!!

Good video realted sport,and the way you are explain you look like a party leader and infornt of your there are too much crowed you have speech to them☺️. You speeking style is really amazing

I hope that rookie Chiefs QB gets wrecked this year. Its one thing to play a meaningless game and another to play a entire season. Those jokeland fools are in trouble especially if Carr breaks a finger... I think it will be all about protecting your QB this season. Those SD chokers are the team to beat in my opinion. Rivers is clearly the best QB in the AFC west... but not for long I would guess. Fans can be so delusional...Go Broncos

Thats what I'm screamin.....Patty Homes has basically played in one JV game and these flag pole lickin chiefs fans think hes the second coming of Lenny Dawson. please...let me see u 16 weeks first cuz.....

Agreed and just think if he gets hurt early...what are the backup options. And do they have the capital to get someone if that were to Chiefs

Ha ha... I like the energy @broncnutz. Talk is cheap for these guys... they're making predictions that their teams can't back up.

All three of us been going at it with each other four about four years or so now. They are good dudes....make some funny videos.

Looks like you are having good fun!

haha....bring back Lenny Dawson, Otis taylor!!! (btw, back up the truck! see latest.)

Ok, I think that if we can all donate $1 we could raise enough money to pay for the “head out of ass” surgery thatbthis two clowns clearly need.

Omg, how can anyone with two clues actually say with any seriousness that Pat Mahomes is the best QB in the AFC west. I don’t care if he develops to be a hall of gamer someday. At this point he is an absolute nothing. These naive chief fans are in for a rude awakening this year as they toil with their ride on the interception express.

As for Mr. Raiders, he is still living in a dream world filled with magical little leprechauns and fairies. A place where he is able to forget all about the deviation that the Denver D is going to put in Carr this year. Don’t worry about gaterade boys, a body bag might be all you need.

Go Broncos!!!!

Wow, You scared the [email protected]#$ out of me :) lol..... I love your fanaticism :) Keep it going, you're my personal Football Steemit Host :)

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Wow so interesting video thank you sir for shearing the video @broncnutz

This is exciting it can be awesome when draft is done.

it will be great for the broncos to take a lead forward.....

I was lost in between words and I have to take the video back again and again . Smiles . Thanks for this video, I like you expression and impression. You’re much appreciated

That's so sweet football player art.. best of luck...

It's great sports video..No gif no comment just want to say Salute boss you're great.@broncnutz ...Resteem....

wow amazing video nice art good job sir like this..

Love the art sir great innovation this the video too.

i like this sports.....chiefs fans talking.....

Wishes also go against the will.

Amazing video, this is my biggest surprise in steemit.

Chucky is going to turn the Raidahs around! Lol

Haha! That's right! Be careful what you wish for :)

ha ha ha.....

I want to be [email protected]

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Want to know who has done this art,great video dear friend you looks amazing.

they will keep saying what to wanna but we will support our team :D

his voice is so dim 😑 can't understand anything

He was really Reckless

Chiefs Fans Talking Reckless,haha yes it seems like that sir but you are so pacy in this video.

Looks like a great sports star you are great work sir.

Great idea i think you are a sports lover.

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great video. i like sports and games very much

It's great sports video..No gif no comment just want to say Salute boss you're great.@broncnutz ...Resteem....