If you don't produce, Elway will cut your ass Quick! Shane Ray.

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The Denver Broncos have decided to pass on picking up the 5th year contract option for 2015 1st round draft pick Shane Ray. This was not that big of a surprise to me as I mentioned in my draft day video that the selection of Bradley Chubb #5 overall this year tells the story of how Shane Rays Time in Denver may be limited. Ray will have to have a boom year with about 8 or more sacks to stay in Denver. The option was around 9 million dollars and the production we have gotten from him has been lackluster. Ray has battles some wrist surgery and was anxious to get back in the game last year.....so much that he was jumping off sides at critical times for us.
In the NFL you can't miss on draft picks and especially on first rounders who get paid a lot and must help your team day one. Ray has never been that guy for us. Originally from Kansas City, the tatted up Shane Ray is already on my shit list for his Chiefs tattoos on his back. I would not be surprised to see Ray end up in KC next year due to the age of Justin Houston and the mediocre play of Dee Ford. If that happens, Bronco Fans worldwide will turn on him with the quickness!
Shane Ray has something to prove not only to Denver fans and teammates. If he plays well it's gonna cost the Broncos more to re-sign him next year. If he plays bad...well I hope he ends up becoming a little 2nd place, red ribbon, booger pickin, flag pole licker Kansas City Chief. This way our fans can yell at him for all the money he stole from us. We paid a lot of money to him and he has given us very little value. Good luck Shane Ray, your next contract depends on it.

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Wow, I like those tattoos.Another interesting post.I am also a sports fan and most importantly your fan.

It seems that you are a great sports fan.Everytime I have got many usefull updates from you.Thank you mr OG.

So big tatto on whole body i think he like tattoo and love tattoo .

I recieved your post on resteem .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @broncnutz

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It's unconscionable to be a first round pick as a LB on the Broncos defense as a teammate of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware (for a couple of seasons) and not be productive. If Ray had talent, it would've manifested itself on that team. It's tough to miss on 1st round picks, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on. It's especially important to do that in the age of the salary cap.
The best GMs do that, so kudos to Elway.

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I had NO idea about the tattoo!!! How didnibnkt known this? I don’t care how good he plays this year. He should be trade bait. To be honest, that locker room should have gone Sons of Anarchy a long time ago on that kid. If you are as big a Sons fan as I am then you should know what I’m talking about. If not, let’s just say he is gonna lose that disgusting chiefs tattoo faster than he can sack Pat Mahomes! This could turn out to be a smart move for the Broncos but I would love to see them get some value for him in a deal. Why wouldn’t they have leveraged him at the draft. The NFL works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Elway's determined. I’ve watched his Super Bowl helicopter touchdown back in the day.

You have a great job to do, the demands for these players are increasing, I wish you luck.

I really love the artwork of the last images!
#The city"

This might be the motivation that Shane Ray needs to take it to the next level. We'll see...

Man, those tattoos are breathtaking
Are those on Shane Ray..
I can't stop looking at those tattoos

Last photo tatu is unbelievable, good share with us, go ahead sir @broncnutz

it will be great for the team , Shane Ray welcome:)

those KC tats must be a crazy site in the locker room lol. But I feel for the guy. I know several NFL Players and as much as I love my teams I have hand it to the individuals that play. Their contracts always work against them and most end up as cripples. It's hard to keep loving the sport when you get to know the guys. I've also learned that only a few guys hate other teams. I was crushed one day when at the end of a season I got on a fishing boat with Dan Marino and Jim Kelly. They were like best friends and I'm wtf assholes.

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. The Denver Broncos have decided to pass on picking up the 5th year contract option for 2015 1st round draft pick Shane Ray.Am i right

well post in sport,, know new metter.
thanks for shareing

Thats the hell of a tatoo, explaining the whole story in just one picture!
Amazing work

really beautiful tattoos, they look so real as are 3D 😍

Welcome to the team ray, keep glowing.

Excellent sharing, good job
Thanks for sharing

Such a amazing man..he is..

Well sharing of nfl sports, I like your post
Thanks @broncnutz

lets see if he could prove this time or not this is going to be lit

I've read your post. I liked your post. I hope you will be with us by this post.

Big changes happening was not aware about it thanks for sharing about it man :)

Haha you really dont like Chiefs :) But, I understand the disappointment. If he is a first pick he NEEDS to produce in Nfl, or he is a big burden to the organization. This is his last year, we all know that players are giving their best in last year of contract, to get much better contract next year. So, I expevt he will deliver at least something, but will that get him a new contract? I don't know. The real question is, if he plays good and stays in Broncos, will he continue to do that. Cause if he doesn't, then he screw*d you over BIG time...

perfect pick doesn't exist lets see what broncos come up with

really football is the best popular games. every people love football. thanks for @broncnutz

the show is going to be lit when broncos take on the field

Wow awesome tattoo, I’ve got a few myself . Wishing him well in his career

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

His tattoo is quite interesting..! 👀

I guess the whole tattoo together trying to make an impression of eternity..!

Specially those two dark and light fairy..!

They seem to represent the good and bad days of our life... Additionally he also has face tattoos on arms..!

Anyways, Stay blessed..! 😇

~ Tennis Girl 🎾🎾

well this season is very important

who ever plays i hope they play from the heart :)

My favorite, keep winning😍😍😍

you know broncnutz's back is the same but with a denver theme

good share with us, go ahead sir @broncnutz