Raiders Trade 2nd Best Defender in the NFL, Last Place on Deck!

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No wonder your franchise can’t win......Khalil Mack secretly wanted out of Oakland and the Bears were the only team dumb enough to trade away two first round picks AND let him break the bank with a new Contract. Go Bears!

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I am shocked but also not surprised in the least. Mack was going to get paid no matter what. How can you not pay the man? He is truly an elite talent and after Donald got paid the Raiders took a massive dump all over their own season. Mack was worth about 2-3 wins all by himself for the Raiders and deciding that they didn't wasn't to have an elite style pass rusher on their team was the dumbest move they have ever made and that is tough because they make a lot of dumb moves. They better hope those 2 draft picks pan out and become top end players but the reality is, they will find a way to botch that as well. LOL. Good luck to the Bears with their new player. Two 1st rounders is a steep price but it makes them relevant for the first time in years. The only issue is that they will have to start paying their QB sooner rather than later and money is going to start getting tight there. Broncos had a great day and didn't even have to do anything. WOOT

LOL @ The Faiders...that once proud organization is in the shitter now. Although I will say I think the Bears overpaid (with the re-sign), but who am I to say who is worth what anymore. With the way the salary cap keeps increasing, these salaries are gonna get bigger and bigger.

Rodgers is swearing like a sailor right about now!! The new, awesome Bears' D is up and coming! Mack, Leonard Floyd, and Roquan Smith are collectively licking their chops at the thought of Rodgers, Stafford, and Cousins. The Bears know that the Packers and Vikings rule the NFC North. No doubt about it!! The Packers have been the best of the division for a long time. The Vikings made a speedy jump to the top of the division. The Lions remain the same old Lions. The Bears had to make the push to get better so they can be competitive against GB and Minn. Hoping the Bears can disrupt the current trending situation that the NFC North is in, to eventually become an elite team within the division, conference, and the league! I am not a Bears fan, as my team is the Rams, but i like the Bears. Chicago needs some good news involving their football team, as well as their city! maybe the Mack deal can get the Bears winning a lot, which will give Bears fans hope, which in turn, may cut down the crime in the city!!! Hope so!!!


Bears already had a super under rated d. They will be one of the best soon

To be honest gruden and carr are overrated in my book and paid way too much Mack has proven himself with more credentials he beat the donkeys in denver with 6 sacks by himself Raiders would definitely lose that game Carr sucked big time that game as he did to the Chiefs what big game has carr ever won

John gruden proves on the daily that he's a washed up moron. They gave him away in my opinion after they gave back a 2nd and 5th in 2020

This man speaks truth. Oakland's front office as been its downfall over the years. Nothing good coming from Oakland for a few years. And like you said out of the other 3 teams in the division they are about equal with each other. Oakland last, I do believe Chargers first in that one. Keep up the great videos, always entertaining.

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So bears acquire khalil Mack.. Now what's next... So 2nd best defender goes to bears...such moves we often see. Let's see what will be the outcome of this..

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Crazy, crazy trade.

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Bears ruling it everywhere this moment hahah

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Why isn’t anyone acknowledging how mf strong the bears are going to be Mack Leonard Floyd akiem hicks roquan smith Adrian Amos this team has one of the most talented defenses and dont forget fuller

Btw I’m not a bears fan

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