Does a QB in 2019 even make sense for the Denver Broncos?

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Some big decisions are looming in April on what college football player the Denver Broncos should choose in the first round. Many Broncos fans are calling for a new quarterback but, most of them do not understand the salary cap, fee agency and guaranteed money to provide a workable answer on what we should do. Elway and staff were hard at work lest weekend scouting the Senior Bowl and I’m sure the QB position has lots of eyes on it.
Assuming Ohio State QB Haskins is gone by the time we pick at 10, here is what is left. I think both Daniel Jones and Drew Lock will be in range to be selected by the Broncos but after watching the senior bowl I just gotta give a slight nod to Drew Lock because of arm talent. This kid has a gun for an arm and that extremely important in the NFL because the windows are tight and the players are fast. If you watch his top 20 plays he looks like a #1 overall pick but his worst 20 plays makes him look not even draftable. I don’t love this kid but if we end up with him I guess I’ll just cross my fingers.
Jones was getting picked off the whole week of practice which some can be blamed on new players and playbook but, his arm strength is just not there for me. He is tough as nails and a very smart guy but, I question his ability to throw the 15-20 yd deep out in the pros....and that’s a must for a QB. Jones did a lot to wow me in ACC competition but he did very little at the senior bowl to make me think he is out guy for sure.
I doubt Kyler Murray goes in the top 15 picks because of his 5’8” stature and his ability to scrap football and play pro football so it seems as if he would not even be on Denver’s radar but ya never know. I don’t want this midget QB leading out team because I just don’t feel he’s gonna have wild success in the NFL like he did in the pros.
That being said, I am leaning more towards grabbing the best CB in the draft because it’s the best chance we have to beat high powered offensive teams in our division like Kansas City and La Chargers. We have won the super bowl before with defense and I think it will be our next play going forward to try and get back there again.

Good Luck Elway....there may have never been a more important decision than this one for the Broncos.

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Players don’t make sense because they are bought and controlled.

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It’s getting harder to win for sure. I am on the struggle bus myself. I can usually make it to the Championship level 3 but I can’t get past that.


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QB for a team build on defense is quasi important. A decent one should be doing the job.
Keep on postin

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extraordinary your work sir.
I like it football @broncnutz

Actually I liked the post of any game.Where I see a play post I go there and try to read.i like your post.i love football.Competitors and sports are very much like me.

Grab the cornerback, those guys can be a starter for you for 15 yrs, just look at Champ Bailey. I think your current QB is good, he just needs some more weapons. The Broncos are too good right now to waste a season on a rookie QB.

unfortunately I don't like this sport, but I still support and read this post

the team needs some new fresh talent which can impress with the skills

ga ga woo la la ! ;) I'm not familiar with football, but than again, your descriptions are always entertaining...

Aunque no sé mucho del asunto, pero podría ser de utilidad, pienso yo! Saludos desde Venezuela amigo! Siempre estoy pendiente de tus publicaciones..

Players definatly is a big role but backbone must be by coach it self. And training given to them

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Well there is still more games in future, maybe some changes would occur

I actually like Drew Lock a lot, and thought that the New York Post was a tad snarky when they said that "John Elway may think he’s found the next John Elway"

True as that statement may be, it is no big secret that there is love in the air... but, it makes him sound so arrogant, much like the snotty nosed kid that came out of Stanford. I like him a whole lot better now. He has his head on and he is a killer businessman.

I wish him well.

Oh, you know. As well as someone who loves the Patriots can!

Welcome home! ;)


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