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Oh yeah!!! It is on like donkey Kong Sunday and those big mouth Seahawks fans are going o wonder where it came from. The lunch in the mouth from that Denver D that is going to put them in their asses. They can’t stop it, they can’t escape, they can only hope to survive. GO BRONCOS!!!

they need to take care what the wish for lol excellent start of the video

Ha ha! Love the Donkey! Reminds me of when I was living in Ecuador! My neighbors all had Donkeys. Strange animals. They would suddenly get all crazy and start eeeeeeaaaaaaawwing random times during the day which we could easily hear from our bedroom. I remember one time I was "with ;)" my girlfriend in the middle of the afternoon. And the Donkey starting going "off" the same time she did! lol Ohhh the memories.

And, hey don't be haten the bandwagon fans. I'm only a Bronco fan as of two weeks ago and that is because of you! :) lol

Hope you are well brother!

I dont even want to comment on your youtube anymore. Not when theres money here. Lol


now your learning URAG!!! I mean your a Chiefs takes a little while. :)

Last year 2017 was Great game chargers vs Broncos. I turned off my TV when it was 24-3 but went back for kicks and giggles. And I turn it on to the Chargers forcing a fumble, got hyped, got more hyped with the missed field goal, got even more hyped when we "made" the first field goal, and then died inside on the blocked field goal. Again, great game! #BoltUp

However, In my opinion, Boncos you are the best in 2018.
Best of luck for week1 #Boltup
Love lots @pranto

Raiders > Broncos > Chiefs > Chargers

But all these teams can make the playoffs in different divisions, c razy talet! and best of for week1.

Actually, Rewatching highlights. And it's amazing how many sacks Simiean ran himself into. He didn't look bad early in the year but all those hits changed the way he played later.

Anyway, hopefully, Denver Broncos wll gives their best. Good luck...

lol, "the 12" loves to talk

I like Denver on Sunday.

Seattle won a Super Bowl once upon a time, but then Brady crushed their dreams and Denver won the next year. You're oldddd newssss Seahawks 😆

My college teamate pac man jones is now a bronco... how do you feel about him on the team?


I love him on this team. Makinzie was to shaky catching punts for me....pac man is a vet who wont choke under pressure.

Easy Game against Seahawks ... Our D# will crush their O Line.

je je like that I like to see you @broncnutza with a lot of encouragement, fun and a good sense of happy night smoke

Yippi happy video 😀

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At first, Best of luck for NFL 1week...

And do you know? Broncos announce captains for 2018 season: As the Broncos jogged off the practice field Monday, Head Coach Vance Joseph gathered his players in the team meeting room to announce the captains of this year’s team.

Quarterback Case Keenum and center Matt Paradis will lead the offense, linebacker Todd Davis and outside linebacker Von Miller will guide the defense and kicker Brandon McManus and fullback Andy Janovich will represent special teams.

Can't see Seattle winning, not @ Denver! Denver defense too good.

That Super Bowl is all Seattle has to talk about now that their defense is complete ass. I expect to see Von chasing Russell Wilson all day. Hell, the Seacocks are looking last place in the NFC West straight in the face.

Haha very funny start of your video,Very interesting game,i love your video,Very great and informative video,i watch highlights very great and amazing game,Very hard working team,thanks for sharing,i really like your all videos,

So cool video from you sir.

Good video dear sir

Nice video , you are looking cool video .

fantastic video friend I love to see you with good vibes and enthusiasm, so let's go with all the roughs

Hoorah to Broncos.

They will smash every game on their way @broncnutz

FTW Broncos

excellent video amigo @broncnutz, I am new to the community and I have reviewed your blog I see that you are a fan of the sport

wow you look super exciting in the video broncos rocks

I am a fan of this team. I love it so much.

Thank you for creating a very important video. If you do any work, you have to work to keep yourself safe. Your video also gets a hint

Hi. good work. Cheer

Go broncos, take over all the mighty!



resteem :)

This is amazing game of football thank you so much sir.