Denver Broncos Ready to Wreck Shop in 2018

in sports •  3 months ago

Broncos Fans have much to be excited about! Broncos win tonight 29-17 in the most important pre-season game of the year. I think we are finally ready as a team to really compete.

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Tonight was a coming out party for the new look broncos offence!!! I am so excited about Freeman. I think that once he gets some consistent game reps he could be a huge player for us and I love his nose for the end zone! The broncos finally found a WE in the draft that is going to be elite and that is Sutton! This kid can ball and will quickly move up the target list. Keenum looks smooth and in control of the offence. I haven’t felt comfortable with the QB play in a few years and at this point I have no worries.

I don’t even need to talk about the defence because they are full on beast mode and they are going to be a nightmare for opposing offences. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to get the regular season started!!! GO BRONCOS!!!!!

I watch your video , your video is very good . Most informative . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

Good luck to the Broncos. I have relatives in Denver and Colorado Springs who are Broncos fans. I'm a Cowboys fan myself. It's going to be tough in the NFC East with the Eagles, but I think Dallas will be improved on defense with Jaylon Smith looking like his old self at Notre Dame before that horrific injury and Randy Gregory bringing the heat off the edge. My man RG just needs to stay off the weed!

Congrats on the win! I think they'll also be more fun to watch this year. Nice review!

Wish you guys a great season

For us tonight was about seeing what AP could do behind our line...things went great. Good luck this season and thanks for your help over here.


It's excitmemt moments for bronco's fans

Congrats sir our team has done a great job.

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Very good , keep this game in incoming matches .

Wish you best of luck in this new season

Siempre hay que tener mente de luchador y corazon de guerrero en todos los partidos, estaran listos para llevarse la victoria y salir como campeones @broncnutz

I think Keenum was looking pretty hot so far!! Not a personal fan but I root for the underdog and since they didn't do too well last year just like my Giants, I'll be rooting for 'em whenever possible!

Thats a great news sir surely its a party time.

This is awesome sir you always shares something which excites me a lot.


This is awesome sir
You always shares something which
Excites me a lot.

                 - saikr

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Trust the Plan.....................@broncnutz

Wow !!!your so exciting......

The Broncos are a very well-established with their winning streak @broncnutz
Cheers :D

I'm a big fan one of them...feeling aweome/exited...Hope this season will be good for us...Keep moving forward...

many manu congratz broncnutz great success

best of luck sir

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Congratulations for the victory friend will come many more, they are a great team together can go far deserved bravo

The first and second team units smothered the Redskins passing attack and limited the damage on the ground for a 23-point lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Finally things going in broncos way :D many congrat's to the squad :D

Come on, come on..

Good luck, I pray for that.

In fact you are in the form of a good team. You should be excited about your team.

As a Franchise Lover i kike this news.

Congratulations to Broncos and to all of us :)

Hope you will do much better in the future.

If Langley or Yiadom play significant time this year, the #Broncos #NoFlyZone is no more.

Best of luck
Love lots, @pranto

my wishes is with you

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Yeah ! We have done it in the pre-season. Hope this season will be good for us.

@broncnutz, For sure watching Football is an great experience and we all enjoyed the recently ended FIFA matches.

And your enthusiasm is great to watch in this video and it's reflecting your passion towards this game.

And whenever we support one team we always pray for that team to win and no matter what the situation or condition is.

And i hope and wish that your favourite team will going to win, and also hope that you will going to have nice time while watching your team's matches.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Many many congratulation broncnutz to you and your team,,,i will watch your whole video,,,,your team is so hard working team,,,great efford to you and your team,,,i m also big fan of you sir,,,you are very popular on steemit and over All world,,,your voice is so cute,,,very great action in the video ,,,I m so happy for you,,,i think yesterday night ful celebrations night to you and your team,,,thanks for sharing this Amazing video my friend,,,