Catch a Tiger by the Toe! Bengals get REKT by Broncos.

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Just like I told you was gonna happen Kitty fans! Lindsay was the only real wild beast in your stadium filled with Broncos Fans. Season over.....waaah waaah waaah....


When are the Bengals getting rid of- the long overdue- Marvin Lewis lmao Straight rekt 💪🏻

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Promote Hugh Jackson??? 😂😂😂😂😂

Hahahaha srsly anything is better than M.L... Straight trash 😂

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Interesting video my friend . I really like your video . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

We can star speaking about playoffs?

Wow broncos were on the top of the game completely hugeeee win :D

I wish i had the balls to bet my house on this. Never mind that, still in the money
Thanks for the tip bronco steel nuts

That is the key, no let downs, any team can beat any other team at the pro level. No let downs, no looking too far ahead, game by game. Philip Lindsey had a heck of a game.
Giants almost blew another one, up 10 with less than 2 minutes and they have to go to OT for their win. Barkley another 100yd plus rushing day.
The effort on a run just before half to put them into FG range was crazy.

Haha right on you called it!

What’s next for the Broncos? Have you given up hope for the playoffs? I kinda hate when my teams finish too low to do anything that season but too high to get a blue chip pick.

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How could we give up on the play offs. We are only one game out, and we get to play SF, Clev, Oak and SD again. We right in the thick of things.

Attaboy! You change gears when the broncs are doing well and really up your trash talk game.

Congrats on the win cuz.

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Our Broncos will tame any Kitties that will come in their way @broncnutz :D

Easyyyyy money!!!

"REKT" , perfect name for a new cryptocurrency !

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I would be kinda funny if there was such a thing.

today your t- shirt looking gorgeous due to my view. bengal is a indian state i think.

Is Lindsay a wild beast like Brock lesnar ?

Bengal tiger is an india's national animal .

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